10 Dogs Diggin’ Their New ‘Dos

1. Punk

This isn’t a phase, ma, it’s who I am!


2. Pigtail Pooch

Why yes, the curtains do match…my eyes.


3. Princess Poof

I’m ready for my close-up, Mister Photographer!

(Willee Cole/Bigstock)

4. Dogilocks

This hairstyle is juuuuuust right!


5. Vintage Class

You have a lot of late library books, mister, and I just won’t stand (or sit) for it!


6. Classy Weiner

That sweater you’re wearing is so last season, Linda. Get with the program.


7. Shakira Look-aLike

Blondes are fierce, fabulous and ferocious – hear me roar!

(Life on White/Bigstock)

8. Beautiful Blue

New hair, who dis?


9. Purple Gem

No, my name is not Leela, but I appreciate the compliment!


10. Sailor Pupper

Here I am to rescue you… in a variety of candy-colored wigs!