The Honest Kitchen’s “Biggest Launch Ever” Prize Pack Giveaway

The Honest Kitchen’s biggest launch ever includes:

  • Two New Limited Ingredient Diets: Hope and Spruce
  • Two New Flavors of Proper Toppers: Beef and Fish
  • A Complete Treat Line Refresh: Training Treats (Nuzzles, Pecks, Smooches and NEW fish and pumpkin cookies, Cuddles); Functional Treats (Beams Talls, Beams Smalls and Nice Mussels); and Anytime Treats (Wishes and Joyful Jerky Fillets and Bites)
  • New single serve cups of Embark, Love and Force recipes (found in select stores only)

You and your happy dog could be the lucky winners of an Honest Kitchen Grand Prize Pack that includes:

  • 4lb box of new limited ingredient diet Hope
  • 4lb box of new limited ingredient diet Spruce
  • 5 oz bag of Beef Proper Toppers
  • 5 oz bag of Fish Proper Toppers
  • Cuddles fish and pumpkin cookies

Fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below. There are a few different ways to boost your odds of winning.

You must leave a comment on this blog post (worth +5 points) about why you want to win this prize pack.

You can boost your chances by following The Honest Kitchen and PetGuide on Instagram (worth +5 points each) and visiting The Honest Kitchen’s Facebook Page (worth +2 points). 

The more tasks you complete, the more entries you’ll have in our giveaway. Winners are picked randomly by Rafflecopter.

You have from Monday, April 3 to Monday, April 17, 2017 12AM EST. We’ll announce the winner by Wednesday, April 19, 2017. This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. ONLY.

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  • Alicia Wu

    I have two dogs, one a Mini Schnauzer and the other a Golden Retriever, and both of them are currently using THK (Verve and Force). They have done amazingly on it – shiny coats, healthy weights, and always waiting to lick up their bowls. We would be thrilled to try out the new limited ingredient foods and of course the treats. 🙂

  • Nancy Loring

    My 2 boys need to both loose a little weight. All of us have gained some winter weight. I would like to find a diet food that they would both like because I am having a hard time right now.

  • Kristen

    This sounds like a good quality food, and we do like to rotate their foods regularly.

  • Will Griesmer

    I want to win because i think my dog would love the food!


    The German Shepherd Rescue that I volunteer with often has dogs who come to us emaciated, or with serious medical conditions, including food allergies. We frequently need sensitive-stomach/limited ingredient options for them, and the dogs we have put on THK have done incredibly well. It’s tough for a rescue to afford specialty food, so I would love to win this prize pack to be able to donate to the rescue for dogs with medical issues.

  • Stephanie Lavenski

    My Maltese has chicken and grain allergies and I’ve been wanting to try Honest Kitchen!

  • Mary Moore

    I want to win the Honest Kitchen prize pack because my dogs love Honest Kitchen.

  • Christy N

    wow looks amazing

  • sandy weinstein

    i love Honest Kitchen products for my girls. they love them. it is especially good for my oldest who likes soft food better now, easier for her to chew and swallow. my girls love fish. the pumpkin is so good for the girls. my 3 gals would be so excited to win some new treats, new food which they already love….b/c mom could use the help b/c my oldest has terminal cancer and it costs a lot of money for the treatments.

  • cathariner

    I have three senior Pomeranians. I try to find the best quality and the best tasting food for them to enjoy. Honest Kitchen sounds like it fits the bill!

  • Rebecca

    My bichon mix and poodle would love this! 😀

  • Karen

    I’ve been wanting to try Honest Kitchen for a while, and now would be the perfect opportunity. One of my girls has developed a skin condition, and the sample pack could help me decide if switching could improve her health.

  • Rachel Griesmer

    I would like to win the Honest Kitchen prize pack because they sound like a quality product that my dog would enjoy.

  • LeAnn Harbert

    I want my dogs to try it and see if they like it.

  • Jill Jackson

    My dog Abi has allergies and a sensitive stomach so I am always looking for new things

  • Kailyn Popovich

    My dogs have such sensitive tums, I would be SO EXCITED to try the limited ingredient diet and see how they like it!

  • Carolyn

    We got the Cuddles as Concierge Club members (by ordering on a specific day) and just got the beef proper toppers in a recent order. However, I would love to win to allow my dog to try the other new products.

  • coltrain5041

    My dogs would love this.

  • sonnetdog

    Sounds like a carefully thought-out quality product that really might help my dog’s allergy issues. Thanks for the chance

  • Amanda Eagan

    We are really starting to look at what’s in our dog’s food. We have considered raw as well and were given a dehydrated raw sample from your company and wasn’t sure the dogs would like it but they did! We now are experimenting with ingredients and what works best for allergies of one dog and the other’s tummy so we welcome any samples or trials in order to get this right!

  • tom sides

    i would love to win this so i can treat my 3 dogs as well as my foster dogs and do train them by positive reinforcement

  • Dawn Ballo

    I would love to win this prize for my furbabies Ozzy & Maggie.

  • Jill Hanson

    Would like to win, so my dogs could try out Honest Kitchens, product line.

  • Brittany Marie Thompson

    I want to win this for my dog Cheeka, she is always so particular about food and i think she may actually like this

  • bryan

    I want to win for my dog Mollie because she eats all the time. And if she gonna eat might as well be healthy. Pets are just like kids

  • steve weber

    I want to win because my dog is a fussy eater, and this prize package is pretty much meant for her.

  • T. P. Murphy

    Very best of luck everyone, in all cando I do hope mine is just a tad better than your 😉

  • Jill Rivera

    i have a picky dog. She does not like something she will push her nose at it way. Peanut butter is her favorite, but company don’t make peanut favorite dog treat, as much as meat flavor. She did like the newman’s dog treat but I can not find them around my town. I would love to see, if she will not push your treats away.

  • Kristin McCall

    I really want to win because I have heard really good things about this company. I really want to try these products for my dog. I think she would really love them.

  • jeremy mclaughlin

    My dog would enjoy this.

  • Megan Wulff

    I have 4 very picky dogs so I am constantly trying new food brands to see what they like also my Boxer has a sensitive stomach which adds to the difficulty. We would love to win so our dogs could try a new food that looks and sounds amazing and also feeding four dogs can get expensive.

  • Laura Worley

    I love my dog and I want the best for her

  • Molly Pitcher

    I would love to win this for my dogs. I love them so much and would love to give them some extra goodies

  • DJohnson

    This is a great brand and my pup would love to try their products.

  • meghan b

    This would be awesome to try

  • julie murphy

    My 3 dogs would love it.

  • Victoria Princeton

    My adopted dog has a sensitive stomach – I was happy to find ‘Honest Kitchen’

  • melanie h

    I’d love to win because I have a beautiful puppy and I love to take good care of her and feed her healthy food and treats!

  • shirleye

    I have never tried The Honest Kitchen, and would like to see if our dogs enjoy it.

  • Arplix

    I would love to win this for my pups, my kids love real wholesome ingredients they especially love fish and chicken. I usually top their food with green beans and chicken which they love!

  • K9 Bytes

    I love to feed my Rogue quality food and I know Honest Kitchen is high quality.

  • Polly

    With so many products to choose from it’s hard to know you’ve selected the right one. This would be a great opportunity for my dogs to try Honest Kitchen without breaking the bank.

  • Cathy Bradford

    My babies would love this, they love to eat!

  • Linda

    everything seems like it looks so great!

  • marcicornelius

    I would love for my dog to try these.

  • erica hall

    Zack loves to try new things!

  • Douglas Gerard

    I want to win the Honest Kitchen prize pack ’cause I’m an ‘honest injun’…

  • Linda Szymoniak

    My three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds had rough starts in life. The worst, my girl, Kyoko, was nearly starved before being dumped in the high-kill shelter I adopted her from just over 6 years ago. I’ve tried to do my best for them, including feeding them quality food, but I’m always looking for better options. I’ve heard great things about the Honest Kitchen’s products and would love to win this giveaway so I could try it for my dogs.

  • courtney

    My pups always loves new treats and I’ve been wanting to try this brand.

  • Rust

    I would love to win because it’s a great way to try new and healthy foods.

  • Emily Smith

    I’d love to win this great prize to give my three dogs healthy treats.

  • Jill Chambers

    I would like to win this so my puppy can try it. I always strive to buy her the healthiest foods, but I want her to LIKE them too!

  • Nikki

    I like that they have limited ingredients, my dogs would love to try them!

  • Annette

    This is a brand my pets haven’t tried and I like how they have limited ingredients.

  • Stephanie

    I like the ingredients and would love to see if my dogs likes these.

  • Michelle Spayde

    We would love to win to be able to try the newest product line.

  • Kayla Klontz

    I would love for my dog to try this product.

  • Christine Lewis

    The dogs would be so excited to try this. Love that they have limited ingredients.

  • Ashley Mains

    My 2 Beagles would LOVE this! We are always trying new treats 🙂

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I have 2 Boston Terriers that would love to try all of these products. I like to give them the best I can.

  • tiffany dayton

    I have a Boxer and a Terrier mix who would love the food and the treats.

  • Cindi O

    I love to spoil my dogs and they would love this!

  • CajunDogs

    My dogs would love to try some of the new Honest Kitchen products!

  • Starla

    Wow, so many amazing products for my big boy, Bentley. He would absolutely love all of these goodies!

  • L Audino

    My dogs love treats. I would love to try them!

  • Lexx oliver

    yum yum!

  • Connie Lynn

    I want to win for my little dog Rosie. She would love to try all these!

  • lisa mcfarland

    my nephew would love this

  • casey

    my dog needs to go on a diet. He gets way too much scraps from my todler

  • Sarah Walker

    I want to win The Honest Kitchen prize pack because I am eager to try a new and healthier diet for my boxer.

  • Carmen Clement

    Would love to give my buddy some new unique flavors inatead of just normal plain dog food.

  • Erin Madigan

    I think my dog would love these interesting flavors.

  • Lawrence Walker

    Nice giveaway…thanks…

  • puppylov3808

    It’s a lovely contest. Thank you

  • ClickClick

    I will donate this.

  • Jessica S Whitehouse

    My dachshund is my baby. She loves to cuddle and is usually trying to curl up under my blankets.

  • Natalie yeoman

    I want to try this because my dog needs to go on a diet this would be perfect

  • Allyson Becker

    I would love to win so I could donate this wonderful prize pack to the local animal shelter.

  • Robin Bowen

    The Nice Mussels are amazing- super expensive but the dogs absolutely adore them- it’s a high value reward at my house.

  • Nonso Bosah

    I love this article for it teaches me how to take good care of my dog, also check this out