Top 10 Freedom Finds for Your Patriotic Pooch

1. Scrabble Flag Tag

A is for adorable, thanks to this Scrabble ID Tag.

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2. Throw-back Tee

Perfect for pooches who want to stand out from the pack

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3. Super Pupper

What’s more patriotic than a Chihuahua wearing a cape? Nothing, we say!

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4. USA Harness

Look cool and feel secure with a harness stamped with a USA paw print!

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5. Bandana Rama

Does your dog wear his love for his country around his neck?

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6. Flag Patterned Collar

The outside of this collar is perfect for Independence Day while the inside features a camo print – it’s a match made in heaven!

CherryBrook has plenty go around.

7. Pet Carrier
Explore this great nation with a pet carrier that lets everyone know you’re pup is proud to be an American.

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8. Frisky Whiskers

Yankee Doodle Doggies need to get this amazing beard and hat, sure to be the hit of any BBQ!

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9. Red,White and Blue Leash

This leash makes a statement whenever you take your dog for a walk.

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10. Captain America – Canine Edition

Nothing is more ‘Merican than this Canine Crusader!

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