Top 10 Pet Paintings To Hang In Your Home

1.Ferocious Feline

If the vast selection of ready-to-be-purchased pet portraits are not to your liking, you can send a photo to have a custom-made likeness created.

Pet Paintings: Cat Portrait

Available at Pet Portraits By Bethany.

2. Pooch Portrait

Made-to-order, your pooch’s portrait deserves a place of honor… hanging over his dinner bowls.

Pet Paintings: Dog Painting

Get yours made at Modern Pet Design.

3. Abstract Ferret

If portraits aren’t your style, take your home deco to the level with this nifty watercolor ferret painting.

Pet Paintings: Abstract Ferret Painting
Head over to Amazon for yours.

4. Starry Night
Van Gogh’s famous painting looks even better when Rover is made a muse.

Pet Paintings: Dog Starry Night

Get it at Paw-Palettes.

5. Boho Watercolor

Shut up and take our money!

Pet Paintings: Watercolor Dog Painting
Available at Etsy.

6. Pop Pup

This neon-colored pooch would look fabulous in an art museum – or over your mantle!

Pet Paintings: Pop Art Dog Painting

Available at AllPopArt.

7. Royal Feline

It’s about time your royal kitty was immortalized.

Pet Paintings: Royal Feline Portrait

Order yours at Etsy.

8. Brilliant Rabbit

No room is complete without a gorgeous rabbit painting.

Pet Paintings: Rabbit Painting

Available at Fine Art America.

9. Luxe Custom Painting
If you think that “Dogs Playing Poker” is a collectible, then you definitely need this conversation piece.

Pet Paintings: Royal Pet Portrait

Get this one at Etsy.

10. Horse Art

We haven’t forgotten the equestrian lovers… you can almost hear the horse galloping.
Pet Paintings: Horse Art
Available at FineArtAmerica.