Top 10 Yappy Dog Breeds

“Who’s that at the door?” “What’s that across the street?” “Did you see the way that dog was looking at me?” These are probably the things that dogs are telling us when they bark – but that doesn’t mean that we need to always know what’s on their minds. There are times they should keep their thoughts to themselves. But not so with these yappy dog breeds! They need to let you know what’s going on, at all times. The fact of the matter is that some dogs simply bark more than others and it often doesn’t take much to set them off – a squirrel running through the yard, another dog passing on the sidewalk, or something as simple as boredom.

If you’re looking for a dog that keeps his thoughts to himself (most of the time), avoid the pooches on our top 10 yappy dog breeds list:


yappy-dog-breeds-dachshundThe Dachshund is known for its long body, short stubby legs, and yippy bark – it’s also the smallest of the hound breeds. It may be due to its development as a small game hound that makes this breed so noisy – it doesn’t hesitate to sound off loudly at anyone or anything they find suspicious. (NikanorovaTatyana/Bigstock)

Miniature Schnauzer


The Miniature Schnauzer is a unique-looking dog and its small size makes it popular among apartment-dwellers. Unfortunately, this breed has a tendency to bark at just about everything. He may not be popular with the neighbors, but his good nature may be enough to win them over. (sgcallaway1994/Bigstock)

Jack Russell Terrier

yappy-dog-breeds-jack-russell-terrierThis breed is known for its energy and lively personality – it is also known for being one of the yappiest small-breed dogs. Jack Russell Terriers require a good deal of training to handle their energy and spirit but they can be a fun breed to own. (Marilyn Peddle/Flickr)

Yorkshire Terrier

yappy-dog-breeds-yorkshire-terrierWhen you think of yappy dogs, the Yorkshire Terrier is probably one of the breeds you picture. These little dogs have boisterous personalities and long, silky fur. They also have a tendency to bark at just about anything. (Artush/Bigstock)

Boston Terrier

yappy-dog-breeds-boston-terrierThe Gentleman of the dog breeds, the Boston Terrier will carry on a conversation with everyone he meets. He must love the sound of his own bark, because he always has something important to say. (daphenator/Flickr)

Basset Hound

yappy-dog-breeds-basset-houndThe sound this breed makes is closer to a howl than a yappy bark, but the breed is still known for being fairly noisy. Basset Hounds are trained to howl when they quarry their prey and they may exhibit this habit frequently at home. (Jon Buscall/Flickr)


yappy-dog-breeds-chihuahuaYou probably aren’t surprised to see the Chihuahua on the list of yappiest dog breeds. If you’ve ever come into contact with this breed you understand this first-hand. Chihuahuas have big personalities packed into their tiny bodies and they aim to prove it with their bark. (SantiPhotoSS/Shutterstock)


yappy-dog-breeds-pomeranianThe Pomeranian is one of the smallest breeds of dog and it’s clever. This breed may be small, but he feels and acts like a bigger dog – this includes barking at anything that stands between him and his family. (Cameron Yee/Flickr)

Miniature Pinscher

yappy-dog-breeds-miniature-pinscherThis breed may not look as intimidating as its full-size counterpart, but it still tries to act tough. The Miniature Pinscher makes a great watchdog due to its tendency to bark at anything that moves, just keep in mind that this dog can be a bit stubborn at times. (Toshihiro Gamo/Flickr)


yappy-dog-breeds-beagleLike the Basset Hound, the Beagle may not be a “yappy” breed but he definitely isn’t quiet. This breed has been known to howl along to sirens and to bark when anyone comes to the door. (


  • spaceman

    Nice little dogs, I have had a few of them.

  • sandy weinstein

    i have to disagree on the schnauzers. i have 3 girls and they are not yappy. i have been around a lot of schnauzers and most are not yappy. it is all in how the dogs are trained. my girls get compliments every time i go out with them on how well behaved they are. my dog breeder did not have yappy dogs either. we also had a boston terrier growing up and he was not yappy either. in fact, i have never seen a yappy boston terrier.

  • Robert Johnson

    These little guys are anxiety attacks waiting to happen