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Best Cannister Filters for Large Aquariums

To ensure your fish are happy and healthy, water quality needs to be optimal. The best way to do that is with a high-quality canister filter.

Best Accessories for a Whimsical Fish Tank

Turn your tank into a wonderful, whimsical fish fantasy land! Here are the best accessories you should use for a whimsical fish tank.

We’ve Found The Best Pre-Black Friday Pet Deals!

We've rounded up the best Black Friday deals on pet products you can snag for your pampered pooch. Shop smart for the holidays and save money!

Best Dog Pooper Scoopers for Mess-Free Waste Removal

No matter how much you love your fur kid, no one likes to pick up dog poop, so check out our guide on best dog pooper scoopers to find a perfect match!

Best Dog Car Seats and Booster Seats

Dog car seats and booster seats keep small and medium size dogs safe and comfy when driving in a car. Check out our selection of best car seats for dogs!

Best Dog Leashes for Dogs of All Sizes

Best dog leashes give you peace of mind while you walk your pooch- they are safe, reliable, and comfortable to use. Find the perfect match for your pet!

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Can Cats Eat Bananas?

Bananas are a popular healthy snack - but can cats eat bananas? Read on to find out if this fruit can be fed to your pet.

Can I Put Vaseline on My Dog?

Does your dog have dry or irritated skin? You may be wondering, can I put Vaseline on my dog? Read on to learn if it's safe for your pooch.

Adoptable Dog of the Week- Darby

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Darby, a 7 years old American Pit Bull Terrier mix from Phoenix, Arizona. She is spayed, vaccinated and housetrained.

How Important is Routine in Your Dog’s Life

Routine is important to our lives - so it's no surprise to learn that it's also vital to our dogs' well being. Here's why you should incorporate routine in your dog's life.

Pumpkin Spice Pet Essentials For a Perfect Fall

It’s that time of year…the Pumpkin Spice is back and better than ever. As you sip your seasonal latte, don’t leave our furry friends out i…

Can Dogs Detect Cancer?

A dog's nose is a powerful tool used for many different purposes. But can dogs detect cancer? Read on to find out more.

Pet Essentials

10 Best Interactive Dog Toys for Bored Pooches

Best interactive dog toys keep your pet engaged, entertained, and help develop their cognitive skills- find out which deliver on the promises.

Gift Guide: Best Christmas Gifts for Cats

Wish Feliz Navidad to your feline friend with one of these Christmas gifts for cats- any one of them is bound to get them into festive mood.

Best Aquarium Kits for Beginners

You want to get an aquarium, but you don't know where to start. Not to worry - we've compiled a list of the best aquarium kits for beginners.

Best Aquarium Filters for a Beginner Tank

An aquarium filter is an important part of your tank's water quality. Choosing the right one for your first tank is vital - here's our list of the best aquarium filters for a beginner tank.

Best Affordable Supplies for a 20-Gallon Tank

Thinking about getting a home aquarium? You need more than a tank! Here's our list of best affordable supplies for a 20-gallon tank.

Best Medications for Treating Aquarium Fish Diseases

Just like any pet, fish can get sick too. But how can you fight illness in your tank? Here's our list of the best medications for treating aquarium fish diseases.

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Russian-European Laika

The Russian-European Laika is a hunting dog known for its ability to tree game, though it has also been used to hunt game birds, moose, and even bear.

Adoptable Dog of the Week- Isabella

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Isabella, a one year old Beagle and Boxer mix from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated.

Best Canned Dog Foods

Today’s pet food market is vast, with more offerings regularly coming out. You may be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the best canned dog foods.…

Adoptable Dog of the Week- Rufus

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Rufus, a 2 years old tri-color Boxer mix from Middletown, Delaware. He is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.

Giveaway Alert: Enter to Win a Raycop RN Vacuum

Are you ready to leave no pet hair behind and attack allergens that give you a nasty case of the sneezes? We want to help — that’s why we’v…

Karst Shepherd Dog

The Karst Shepherd Dog is a working dog that can adapt to family life, but requires a great deal of training and socialization to do so.

Pet Essentials

Buying Guide: Best Cooling Pads and Mats for Dogs

Cooling pads and mats for dogs are not just an indispensable accessory for scorching summer heat, but a helpful aid for arthritic pets, too.

Best Dog Grooming Clippers for Home Use

Dog grooming clippers are an indispensable part of a canine beauty routine and the best ones help you get salon results at the comfort of your home.

Best Service Dog Vests and Harnesses for Working Dogs

Service dog vests and harnesses send a clear message to the world: your dog working hard, do not disturb. Find out which of them are best value for money.

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Gearing Up With the Right Gear for Your Adventurous Dog

When it comes to gear for outdoor adventures with your pooch, here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping.

Adoptable Dog of the Week- Fritz

If you like small dogs with a lot of spunk, you'll LOVE Fritz! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Fritz, a 2 yo Westie and Poodle mix from Columbia, SC.

Top 10 Best Winter Jackets for Dogs

You can't go wrong with any of these, as we've only included high-quality, durable, stylish, and overall good value for money winter jackets for dogs.

All About Bowel Obstruction in Dogs

We don't like to think about our dog's pooping, but you should take notice. This is especially important when it comes to bowel obstruction in dogs.

Can Cats Eat Apples?

A crisp, sweet treat, chowing down on an apple is a nutritious way to satisfy your hunger. But can cats eat apples?

Home Remedies to Relieve Pain in Dogs

Did you know you could use home remedies to relieve pain in dogs? Here are some natural ways to provide pain relief.

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Adoptable Dog of the Week-Zenon

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Zenon, a year and a half old Shepherd mix from Fargo, North Dakota. She is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Top 10 Dirty Dog Contest Makeovers Revealed

Wahl Pet Products teamed up with to prove that beauty really doesn’t have to be skin deep–and that there’s nothing like a m…

Adoptable Dog of the Week- Polly

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Polly, a 3 years old Cairn Terrier and West Highland White Terrier mix from West Sand Lake, New York.

Dog Brushes: Which One is Best for Your Dog’s Coat?

Whether it's every day or once a week, grooming is an important part of your dog's well-being. And you'll need a brush that's made especially with your dog's coat in mind.

Cat Vomiting Bile: A Cause for Concern?

It's gross, but is it a cause for concern? When your cat vomits bile, you need to know what it means and what you should do.

How Strong is a Dog’s Nose?

The nose knows - especially if you're talking about a dog's sniffer. But just how strong is a dog's nose? Let's find out.

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Pumpkin for Cats – How and When to Use It

Full of fiber, pumpkin can be a great dietary supplement for your pets. Here's what you need to know about pumpkin for cats.

Types of Dogs You’ll Meet on the Campground

Summer time - when city dogs pack up their families for some adventures in the woods. Here's the definitive list of every dog you will meet on the campground.

Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Cats are lovable pets - just ask a cat lover! If you want a friend for life, check out our list of the top 10 friendliest cat breeds.

Adoptable Dog of the Week- Rocki

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Rocki, a 2 and a half years old mixed breed pooch from Shelburne, Vermont. She is spayed, vetted, and microchipped.

Tips for Camping Solo With Your Dog

You're planning on escaping the city - it'll be you, your dog and the great outdoors. Before you pitch a tent, make sure you check out our tips for camping solo with your dog.

Why Do Dogs Dig in Their Beds?

Is he looking for something or is he nesting? Learn the reason why your dog digs in his bed before he'll climb in for a snooze.