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Why is My Senior Dog Restless at Night?

Final ThoughtsThere are many reasons why your senior dog may be restless, pacing, and struggling to sleep through the night. The most common reason at this age is cogniti…

Can Lick Mats Calm My Anxious Dog?

Our Go-To Solution: Hyper Pet IQ Treat MatThe concept of the dog lick mat and its ability to help reduce stress and anxiety is one that I have been familiar with for quit…

How Do I Stop My Dog From Digging up My Yard?

Have you recently stepped out into your yard to find little potholes all over the place? Before you run to Google to search for products to stop your dog from digging hol…

Do Dog Talking Buttons Really Work?

Have you ever wished your dog could speak English, allowing them to tell you what’s on their mind? If so, you’re not alone! As dog parents, we learn how to read our best…

How Do I Protect My Pet From Wildfire Smoke?

With wildfires burning out of control across several locations in Canada and the United States, the smoke is reaching far and wide. As a result, many cities and townships…

How Can You Keep Your Camping Dog Safe at Night?

As the weather warms up, outdoor lovers everywhere are planning camping trips and outdoor adventures. Of course, the best trips are spent with your best friend by your si…

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How Can I Prevent My Male Dog From Marking Territory With Urine?

Is there a way to fix this irritating habit? Read on to learn how you can solve the issue of urine marking once and for all.

Family Reunited With a Dog After 3 Years Thanks to a Microchip

A Texas family has received a call they have been waiting for years - one of their dogs, who has been missing for three years, has been found.

Serial Killer or Blowing Leaf… Can Your Dog Really See in the Dark?

With Disney’s Haunted Mansion proving to be the sleeper hit of the summer and suspense-based serials showing a serious uptick on streaming channels, it's cle…

Canine Surfers Catch Waves at World Dog Surfing Championships

The World’s cutest surfing competition took place on Saturday, August 5th, 2023 at Linda Mar Beach, in Pacifica near San Francisco.

Pandemic Pups Are Now Filling the Shelters

COVID struck and suddenly we all worked from home. Cars stayed parked, food delivery spiked, and because we all wanted something to do in our downtime, adopt…

Petting Other People’s Dogs, Even Briefly, Can Reduce Stress

You don’t even have to own a dog to experience health benefits - petting other people’s dogs for 5 to 20 minutes can increase happiness and reduce stress.

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Should Your Active Dog Use a Herding Ball?

If you have a dog with boundless energy, then you know the importance of finding activities that will captivate their attention and provide them with a healthy outlet. Fo…

How Do Cat Shelves Enhance Feline Enrichment?

Cats are natural-born climbers that love exploring their surroundings and discovering every nook and cranny. As a result, many cat lovers have seen their feline companion…

Should My Healthy, Active Dog Take Supplements?

As a devoted pet owner, providing your beloved dog with a happy, healthy life is a top priority. In today’s society, we are lucky to have a wide range of pet products ava…

Does Your Senior Dog Need Anti-Slip Paw Pads?

If you share your heart and your home with a senior dog, then you know that with age can come some significant changes. Your once highly energetic dog may slow down, slee…

Dog Theft is On the Rise: Keep Your Best Friend Safe

In recent years, there has been a concerning trend spotted by many pet professionals. As the demand for pets increased throughout the pandemic, so did the number of repor…

Is Your Favorite Pet App Leaking Your Personal Information?

As technology grows and evolves, we find ourselves relying on it in nearly every area of our lives, from smart home innovation to the testing of autonomous vehicles. It c…

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Washington Animal Shelter Sets a Historic Record for Most Pets Adopted

Ever since the shelter has been in existence, they have never seen such a huge number of adoptions – the record was officially broken when all of their 287 shelter pets were adopted in just one week!

Kitten Cuddlers Needed – Dream Job for Feline Lovers

In addition to being a noble act, this could also be a chance for people in need to unwind and relax as well. For those who have been feeling stressed and depressed lately, cuddling with kittens could be a very potent remedy.

More Couples Want to Include Pets in Their Weddings

Pets are loving and loyal members of the family who make you laugh, keep you company, and are happy to share in your joy. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise th…

Close to 500 Golden Retrievers Meet in Scotland to Celebrate the Breed

Close to 500 golden retrievers gathered in Scottish Highlands at their ancestral home to celebrate 155 years of the breed’s first litter.

How Do I Prepare My Dog for a New Baby Arrival?

To ensure a smooth transition for your furry friend and your growing family, you will need to start preparing well before the baby actually arrives. Here's what you must know before your baby gets home!

Town Voted ‘NO’ to the Statue of Spencer the Marathon Dog

The town of Ashland Select Board rejected the proposal to place a memorial statue of Spencer, the Official Dog of the Boston Marathon.

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Why Throwing Sticks for Your Dog Could Be Dangerous

Playing fetch with your dog is an age-old pastime that has brought joy to thousands of dog parents over the years. From throwing dog toys and frisbees to tennis balls and…

Best Urinary Tract Supplements for Dogs

Whether you have a senior dog struggling with incontinence issues or a younger pup prone to urinary tract infections, your dog’s bladder and urinary tract health is a top…

Most Versatile Horse Breed

We often see equestrian sports and horse lovers divided into two camps – English and Western riding. But what about those riders that don’t fit into one or the other? If…

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Do You Need to Clean Your Dog's Paws After Walks?

Cleaning your dog's paws can help prevent them from tracking dirt and germs into your home and can also prevent skin irritation or infections. But do you need to do it after every walk outside? Here's what you need to know.

In 2023, Which Pets Are Ruling Social Media?

With 430 million social media accounts in North America, pet parents are cashing in on “cute” as they race to achieve that coveted influencer status.For anyo…

Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Kitties do strange things sometimes, like lick your hands or hair. And you might be wondering why your feline friend would think that you need to be groomed.…

How to Keep an Eye on Your Pets When You Aren’t Home

Thanks to modern technology, you can stay on top of what your pets are up to even when you aren’t home, so you can take that trip without worrying as much about…

Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

One of the confusing things about cats is that they sometimes bite for no obvious reason. Sure, kitties bite to defend themselves and hunt, but some will bite w…

How to Help a Shy Cat

Do you have a shy kitty who tends to hide a lot and doesn’t like being around people? Don’t worry, there are some things you can do to help them gain more confi…

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How to Get Your Cat to Play

Do you have a lazy cat who isn’t all that interested in playing? Here are some tips on how to entice kitties of all ages to be more active. Playtime can help…

Can Stress Cause Health Issues in Dogs?

It is important to differentiate a small potentially stressful situation from severe and repeated major stress. Neither is good, but the latter can be a major health hazard.

Can Cats Get Separation Anxiety Like Dogs?

We all know that dogs tend to get very attached to their owners, and will often get separation anxiety as a result. But what about seemingly aloof and independent kitties?

12-Year-Old Senior Dog Receives A Human Pacemaker That Saved Her Life

When you cherish the companionship your four-legged friend gives you and love them over the years, it is only natural to want to do everything you can to stretch the time you get to have by their side.

A Tiny Daschund-Like Pooch Was a Beloved Pet to the Ancient Romans

Recent archaeological excavations in England have revealed the definitive proof of Ancient Romans keeping dogs as pets – and toy dogs, at that.

Ticks Can Get on Pets Using Static Electricity

Keeping ticks off yourself and your pets is extremely important, as they can carry diseases like Lyme. But did you know that they can use static electricity to…

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How to Clean a Pet Water Fountain

Pet water fountains can entice dogs and cats to drink more water, and they can be more convenient for pet parents, too. Unfortunately, they’re a bit more compli…

Benefits of Pet Water Fountains for Dogs

Leaving a bowl of fresh, clean water out for your dog is imperative. But would your pooch prefer drinking from a pet water fountain instead? There are a host…

Is Blue-Green Algae Toxic to Dogs?

If your dog happens to take a dip in the nearby pond or a lake and encounters the blue-green algae, should you be worried? How toxic is this bacteria to pets? Here’s what you need to know.

Is It OK To Give My Dog Frozen Treats?

Frozen treats for dogs can be in the form of ice cream for pets or simply frozen fruits or veggies your pooch loves to nibble on – the possibilities are endless. However, not all frozen treats are safe for dogs.

Adorable K9 Puppy Takes a Nap During His Swearing-in Ceremony

It’s no secret that  service dogs play an important part in our society, fulfilling many roles from police and military dogs, to guide dogs and res…

“Cute Aggression” - A Fun New Anthem for Pet Parents

A fun new song by Anthony Vincent has gone viral and become a favorite amongst pet parents. Anthony Vincent is a musician with a massive online following – 3.…