Pet Essentials
Best Dog Cake Mix

We’ve handpicked the best dog cake mix options on the market, with recipe variations to suit any dog’s taste preferences – and any pet parent’s cooking skill. All of these are super easy to make, prepared with healthy, natural ingredients, and most importantly, tend to be an instant hit with our four-legged besties.

Best Pill Pockets for Dogs

Regardless of whether your pet goes bananas for peanut butter, prefers crunchy treats, or has a world-class nose that sniffs out the faintest whiff of pills – we’ve found a pill pocket to suit your needs.

Best Pet Subscription Boxes

There are plenty of pet subscription boxes out there, but we’ve rounded up the best that the market has to offer: whether you want a variety of treats, fun toys, or a combo of the two delivered like clockwork on your doorstep, read on to find a perfect

Best Dog Poop Bag Holder

To help you find the perfect match from the get-go, whether you prefer minimalistic design or multi-purpose designs with built-in hand sanitizers or flashlights, we’ve rounded up the 10 best dog poop bag holders on the market.

Best Dog Blow Dryer

Take a look at our selection of some of the best dog blow dryers on the market – and make the tedious task of drying your pet after a bath a literal breeze!

Best Couch Covers for Dogs

These couch covers for dogs are ideal for protecting your bed, armchair, or sofa, while still allowing your dog to take a well-deserved nap on them!

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How To Get Snowballs Out Of Your Dog's Fur

It’s all fun and games in the snow until your best fur friend ends up with snowballs all over their fur. Not only can this be annoying for you as you end up with soggy floors, it can be just as annoying (and even painful) for your dog.

Study Says Dogs Can Detect Stress In Their People

They say the nose knows, and it’s definitely true for dogs. One recent study suggests that dogs can smell even more than we think, including stress.

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Clef

Want a smart cookie to solve puzzles with? Meet this adorable clever canine! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Clef, an almost 4 years old brindle Cattle Dog mix from Austin, Texas.

What Are Festival Sniffer Dogs?

The next time you're at an outdoor event, take a look around - you just might see a Festival Sniffer Dog at work!

Is Papain Safe For Dogs

If you’re scratching your head wondering what the heck is papain and where or why would you even begin to look for it, the answers are easy. The natural version of papain is found in your grocery store’s produce section and you may recognize it better as papaya.

Top 10 Crisis Response Dog Breeds

So, what exactly is a Crisis Response Dog? Let’s start with what it isn’t. It’s not a Therapy Dog, it isn’t a Service Dog, nor is it an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

Pet Essentials
Best Dog Food for Diabetic Dogs

To help you find the right dog food for diabetic dogs, we’ve selected some of the formulas that are often recommended for stabilizing glucose – however, each dog is different, so before making any final decision, please consult with your veterinarian.

Best Limited Ingredient Dog Food

If you’re unsure which limited ingredient dog food is the best for your pet, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best limited ingredient dog foods that are specifically designed to help dogs with food sensitivities.

Best Affordable Dog Food

Great dog food needs to have all the important nutrients to meet your pet’s dietary needs. But that does not necessarily mean that it should be overpriced! Here are our top 10 best affordable dog food options on the market.

Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles

To help you make sure your pet is getting everything they need from their meals, we’ve rounded up the 10 best dog foods for Goldendoodles – all you have to do is pick according to their unique preference.

Best Dog Food for Labs

If you’re unsure where to start when planning your pet's diet, you’re in the right place. We’ve laid out all the important aspects of the diet for Labrador Retrievers and selected the 10 best dog foods for Labs!

Best Dog Food for Huskies

It’s no secret that a large breed such as the Siberian Husky will require quality food that is rich in protein and other essential nutrients to keep them fueled. Here are our top 10 best dog foods for huskies!

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How to Prepare for Unexpected Vet Bills

Accidents happen. And as pet parents, nobody knows that like we do. Here's how to prepare for unexpected vet bills.

Is Your Cat Overweight or Just Big Boned?

With so many cat breeds out there, how can you tell if your cat is packing on the pounds or simply reflecting DNA from a distant relative that just happens to be one of those larger-sized breeds?

Top 10 Clingy Dog Breeds

Just call them Velcro dogs! Here's a list of 10 clingy dog breeds that will never want to leave your side.

6 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog’s Heart Healthy

If you thought that keeping your dog “heart healthy” was simply down to controlling his weight and getting in some exercise, you’d only be partially right.

Ask the Animal Communicator: My Indoor Cat Wants To Go Outside

From the outside looking in, the life of your pampered indoor cat might look so sublime. But from the inside looking out, you may find yourself wondering i…

Ask the Animal Communicator: I Don’t Think My Pets Like Each Other

Life in an interspecies family can appear idyllic from the outside looking in. But it can be quite another story from the inside looking out! For instance, what…

Pet Essentials
Best Treat Balls

Treat balls come in to save the day as a fun way to introduce a healthy eating pace, provide mental stimulation to clever dogs that need a challenge, and much more.

Best Laundry Detergent for Pet Hair

these convenient laundry detergents for pet hair, stains, and odors are a potent weapon in the arsenal of every pet owner.

Best Seat Covers

Read on to find a perfect match, both for your dog and your car, in our list of the 10 best seat covers!

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Top 10 Drug Detection Dogs

The nose knows! When it comes to super sniffers, these Top 10 Drug Detection Dogs get the job done.

Cats and Rodents – Keep or Immediately Dispose of Their Catch?

Let’s face it, prey drive in our furry felines runs high. Hence all those squeaky, mouse-shaped playthings we love stashing into their arsenal of toys. I mean,…

Do Mixed-Breed Dogs Shed?

Do mixed breeds shed? The short answer is yes, mixed-breed dogs do shed. However, just how frequently and how heavily that fur will be wafting off your pooch and onto your floors and furnishings is going to be down to which gene pool your mixed-breed dog is drawing from.

Survey Suggests People With Pets Happier Since the Pandemic

As the pandemic has brought pet parenthood to an all-time high, a recent survey from Pets Best Insurances Services suggests that having a pet makes over 80% of…

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Bogey

Are you looking to add an active and fun-loving boy to your home? If so, this is the boy for you! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Bogey, a 5-year-old German…

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Canella

If you’re looking for a calm, gentle pup to join you in your daily adventures, this sweet girl is more than happy to fill that role. Our first Adoptable Dog…

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Research Suggests Lifespan In Dogs Varies By Breed

The saddest thing about dogs is when they leave us. We never have enough time with them, and it seems like the average lifespan of our furry best friends gets s…

Benefits of Devil’s Claw for Dogs

Also known as Grapple Plant or Wood Spider, the ominous-sounding Devil’s Claw is really just a name given to the flowering Harpagoside plant that’s native to…

Research Says Petting Dogs Is Good For Our Brain

Not that we needed any scientific proof, but there’s new research that shows petting a dog positively impacts our brains. They don’t call them ‘therapy dogs’…

Best Horses for Heavy Riders

If you are of a heavier build, here are which breeds you need to consider. Read on as we discover the world of strong and stout horses, and the prerequisites for riding one – here’s our list of the 10 best horses for heavy riders.

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Chase

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Chase, a little over 3 years old Treeing Walker Coonhound from Seattle, Washington. He is neutered, up to date on his vaccines, and microchipped.

Being An ‘Older’ Pet Parent May Come With Health Benefits

We know that being a pet parent offers many physical and mental health benefits. New research suggests that if you’re an ‘older’ pet parent, that benefit may b…

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Best Horses for Dressage

Whether you are a beginner or veteran dressage rider, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best horses for dressage to help you find a perfect mount for this noble sport. With either one of these majestic animals beneath your saddle, great results are bound to come pouring in.

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Maizy

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Maizy, a 3 year old Great Pyrenees from Louisville, Kentucky. She is spayed, up to date on her vaccinations, and fully vetted to go to a new home.

Study Finds Yelling At Your Dog Affects Them More Than We May Think

We know that yelling when we’re angry doesn’t typically produce beneficial results, but we are all human and it happens. A new study, however, showed that just…

Petco To Offer Employees Pet Bereavement Pay

Petco CEO Ron Coughlin knows how hard it is when you lose your best friend. In an interview earlier this year, he told CNN’s Julia Chatterley that it was that…

Cranberry Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe

We love cranberries – there are so many benefits of this fruit for dogs. That’s one of the reasons why we love to make this Cranberry Peanut Butter Dog Treat Re…

Dogs Prove to Be an Effective and Cheaper Option for Covid Detection

A recent study from Rwanda suggests that dogs trained to detect Covid can do so as effectively as traditional Covid tests, and less expensively as well.