Pet Essentials
Best Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food is easier to digest, yummy, and has a high moisture content - what's not to love? Take a look at our selection of the 10 best wet dog foods.

Best Diabetic Cat Food

Diabetic cat food is formulated specially to suit the needs of felines with diabetes, which means it's high in protein and low in carbohydrate content.

Best Dog Cooling Products

We've rounded up the best dog cooling products on the market to help you quickly find summer necessities for your pet - read on to find your pick!

Best Dog Accessories

There are so many different dog accessories but all of them are designed to make your and your pet's life easier and better!

Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks

Getting a 10 gallon fish tank is an excellent starting point as it is not overwhelmingly big or too challenging. Take a look at he best 10 gallon aquariums!

Best Dog Harness for Hiking

Dog harnesses for hiking are designed to provide comfort and keep your pet securely tethered on long walks and hikes. Here are the 10 best ones you can get!

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DNA Profiling Keeps the Streets of This French Tourist Town Poop-Free

The mayor of Béziers, a small town in southern France is mad as hell and he isn’t going to take it anymore. Take what, you’re asking? The messy, smelly dog p…

Intestinal Worms in Dogs: Types and Symptoms

Although an unpleasant topic to think about, the harsh reality is that worms are a common problem in dogs – one that you need to know how to tackle and prevent.…

How Can I Reduce My Dog's Seasonal Shedding?

Depending on your pet’s breed, the seasonal shedding can be moderate, or heavy. In the latter case, you might find yourself with a ton of pet hair all over the place and wondering if there’s a way to reduce your dog’s seasonal shedding for good.

What to Do If Your Dog Eats Halloween Candy?

If your dog eats Halloween candy, it's important to take immediate action to ensure their safety, as many of these candies can be toxic to dogs. Here's what you need to.

White House Pooch, Commander, Bites Back!

Foreign relations, the struggling economy, natural disasters… and Commander. Yes, these are most likely the stressors that keep President Joe Biden up at nig…

When Nature Surprises: Crocodiles Push a Drowning Dog Out to Safety

Exactly why the crocodiles chose to spare the dog and push it to safety remains a true mystery of nature. The mugger crocs, which can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, are usually quite aggressive and voracious. But in this case, they were perfectly docile, much to everyone’s surprise.

Pet Essentials
Best Dog Jackets

Dog jackets are not just a fashion accessory - their main purpose is to keep your pet dry, warm, and comfy in the cold weather.

Best Low Calorie Dog Treats

Low calorie dog treats are a great way to reward a dog that's on a weight management diet or needs to maintain a leaner body weight.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

Vacuum cleaners for pet hair are specially designed to tackle cat and dog hair embedded in carpets, gathered in tufts on floors, or stuck to your furniture.

Best Pet Cameras

Pet cameras are a great way to be able to keep an eye on your pet when you're not at home, but also a tool to help you make your cat or dog feel less alone.

Best Dog Clickers

Clicker training can get you great results, so take a look at our selection of the best dog clickers on the market - and their pros and cons.

Best Saltwater Aquarium Kit

A saltwater aquarium kit lets you create a gorgeous tank without much hassle - they contain everything you need to get started.

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Owners Tell Why They Spend Hundreds of Dollars on Dogs’ B-Day Partie

Three dog owners tell why they’ve decided to throw b-day parties for their pooches and what they would go through to celebrate the furry member of their family.

Do Dogs Get Stressed on Halloween?

Halloween is fun for kids and adults, but can the same be said for your pets? If you have a dog, you might wonder if this spooky holiday can be stressful for hi…

Can Cats and Dogs Eat Nutritional Yeast?

Nutritional yeast is popular, especially amongst vegans, for its yummy, cheesy flavor and multitude of nutrients, from protein and potassium to B vitamins and f…

US-based Veterinarian Returns to Greece to Help Stray Cats

Dr. Anna Kotogiritis returned to Greece to establish a non-profit rescue organization to help the stray cats living on Karpathos Island.

Should Cats Wear Collars? The Pros and Cons

Walk through your local pet store, and you will likely see a small assortment of cat collars, including many different colours, styles, materials, and sizes. But do cats…

Mail Carrier Threatens to Stop Deliveries Due to Troublesome Tabby

It’s a stereotype we’ve seen in movies, cartoons, and television shows: the age-old view of the dog chasing the mailman. This has led to (understandably) more rules and r…

Pet Essentials
Best Hands Free Leash

A hands free leash will ensure you have control over your pet at all times - without actually having to use your hand to maintain a firm grip.

Best Puppy Shampoo

A special puppy shampoo will keep your little pooch fresh-smelling, their coat soft and fluffy, and their sensitive skin healthy.

Best Flea Spray for Dogs

Flea spray for dogs will help you keep your pet parasite-free without much hassle - they work immediately and are easy to apply.

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Vets Save a Cat Who Ate 43 Hair Bands

A much-loved family cat who ate 43 hair bands made a full recovery after being rushed into emergency surgery.

Does Your Dog Have A Better Social Life Than You Do?

Making friends as an adult can be challenging. If that statement speaks to you, you’re not alone – there are scientific studies supporting this. The struggle to meet and…

10 Pet Industry Trends at SuperZoo 2023

Last month, nearly 18,000 pet professionals gathered in Las Vegas for North America’s largest pet retail event – SuperZoo! Here, brands showcased their newest and most in…

Why Do Cats Try to Cover Their Food?

Has your cat ever pawed around her food dish, acting as though she wanted to cover the dish and whatever was in it, just like she’d move litter in her litter bo…

What Is Smurgling in Cats?

A lot of cats smurgle, so you might have already seen your kitty exhibiting this behavior, even if you didn’t know what it was called. What is smurgling in ca…

Beagles Rescued From a Lab Get a Second Chance at Life in Canada

Three beagles who spent their entire lives in cages in a U.S. laboratory got a second chance at life when The Beagle Alliance rescued them.

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Study Shows Your Dog Is Listening to You Even When They’re Sleeping

A small pilot study that was conducted on 13 dogs revealed that even when in deep slumber, a dog’s brain can still light up in response to human voices and the sounds of other canines - just like when they are wide awake.

Here is Why Pet Insurance Costs Are at an All-Time High

According to the latest insights by Consumer Reports, the average monthly cost of pet insurance is roughly $47 per pet, which can be a hit on some pet parents’ budgets.

Is My Cat Overweight?

These days cats are more often chunky and chubby than elegant and slender, but how exactly do you know if your cat is overweight and not just adorably well-padded? These are the signs of obesity in cats.

K9 Yoda Brings Two-Week Manhunt to a Quick Close

For almost two weeks, escaped killer Danilo Cavalcante eluded authorities as he hid in a densely wooded area in Pennsylvania. Once his general location was e…

Woman Couldn’t Find a Perfect Dog, So She Invented a New Breed

Disappointed by the inability to find a perfect canine companion, a Florida woman took matters into her own hands, setting out to create her own breed of wolfdog.

What Cleaning Products Are Not Safe for Pets?

Many household cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to animals if ingested, inhaled, or exposed to their skin. Here are some of the most commonly used cleaning products and substances that are generally considered as not safe for pets!

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These Apps Can Help Detect Pain in Cats

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month, so it’s a great time to learn the signs that your cat might be experiencing pain or discomfort. But, in addition to ke…

World’s First Dog-Fox Hybrid Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

The death of the first-ever confirmed dog-fox hybrid in Brazil is under government investigation.

People Magazine's Annual Rescue Dog Competition - Time to Vote!

Crufts and Westminster, step aside. There’s a new competition in town and it’s appealing to thousands of pet owners who chose to adopt not shop. It’s the Wor…

New Study Reveals More About Cats’ Sense of Smell

Cat parents know that their kitties have a strong sense of smell. You might have watched your feline sniffing something, such as a spot on the floor or an item…

Inflation Forces Pet Owners to Switch to Cheaper Food

Inflation is forcing pet owners to switch from more expensive gourmet brands or opt for smaller pet food packages.

How Do You Give an Uncooperative Cat a Pill?

How exactly do you go about giving an uncooperative cat a pill? You can’t just avoid it altogether – it has to be done one way or the other. Read on to find out how to do it without ending up covered in scratches!