These Purr-fect Panties Aren’t For Pussies!

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If there was ever a time to going the growing “No Pants are the Best Pants” movement, it’s now. That’s because you’ll want to show off your new pair of Pussycat Seamless Panties!

These panties were inspired by a sassy kitty girl who painted a cat on her panties to ease the embarrassment of wardrobe malfunction moments. This makes us wonder what she’s been wearing that keeps falling off! And because they’re seamless, they’re invisible under clothing… but when you’re ready to make the big reveal, you’re make a hell of a fashion statement!

The Pussycat Seamless Panties only come in one size, but the material is “stretchy” and “spandex-like” so they fit sizes between XS, S and M. Pick up a pair today!