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Keeping your pet active is important, and the right toys can help you rest assured that your kitty is getting the exercise and mental stimulation that she needs. Plus, playtime can help prevent boredom and frustration that might lead to negative or destructive behaviors. And one of the most popular toys for kitties is the classic mouse-shaped toy. 

But with so many different types of mice toys to choose from, you might be wondering which ones are the right ones for your frisky feline. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you learn about the benefits that these toys can provide, to discuss your various options, and to showcase some of the products that we recommend checking out when you’re ready to shop. 

Everyone knows that cats like to hunt down mice, so it’s no wonder that there’s such a wide range of mouse-shaped toys to choose from when shopping for your furry friend. Regardless of your kitty’s age, you can find mice toys that she can use to unleash her inner hunter. She can pretend that she’s stalking prey, pouncing on it, and grabbing it to take it down. 

Kittens practice becoming more coordinated as they play with mouse toys that they can grab from the air when you toss them or that they can chase on the ground, grab, and claw at. And older cats are also often excited to play with the same types of toys, as they can continue feeling the thrill of winning a chase, even if it’s only with a toy. 

Basically, because cats need to hunt for their food, they have an instinct to go after small animals—or, in the case of an indoor kitty, a toy that’s designed with felines in mind, such as one that is shaped like a mouse. 

Using mice toys can be a good way to encourage your cat to play, and it can also be a nice way to add variety to your pet’s toy collection, especially if she seems to be bored with her current toys or she’s not really interested in playing with other types of toys. 

Interactive play can be fun for your cat, too, and a great way for you to bond with her, so find ways of using the toy mice to get your pet excited to get some exercise while also spending time with you. 

For those times when you can’t interact with your pet for playtime, consider leaving some mice toys scattered throughout the house for her to find and play with whenever she wants. Of course, you’ll want to regularly inspect the toys to be sure they’re in good condition, and replace any toys that have become damaged and might pose a risk to your pet’s safety and well-being. 

When playing with your cat and using these types of toys, you can do things like toss them across the room for her to chase them down on the ground, or toss them into the air so she can catch them with her claws. If you get a mouse toy that’s at the end of a string, you can use that to make your kitty chase her prey, but be sure to let her win so she can feel the thrill of victory. You might even give her a little treat at the end of playtime to mimic the reward of food that she would enjoy after a real hunt. 

Note: Keep in mind that there are certain types of mice toys that might be fine to leave out for your kitty to find, but there are also others that shouldn’t be left out. So, in addition to ensuring that your cat’s toys are in good condition if you are planning on leaving stuffed mice around the house for her to find, it’s also wise to put away any toys that may pose a health and safety hazard, such as toys with strings, and any other toys that are meant to be used only during supervised play sessions.   

There are a variety of mice toys available for cats, so you can use a little bit of trial and error to figure out which types of toys your unique feline friend prefers most. You can also use this to your advantage by switching out the toys that your cat plays with from time to time in order to keep things interesting for her. If you notice that your pet isn’t playing with a particular toy much anymore, you might try putting it away for a while before reintroducing it to see if she’s interested in it again. 

Also, when you start shopping for mice toys, you will quickly realize that there are so many great designs to choose from. For example, some toy mice have feathers attached, so they can be a great choice for cats that love to play with feather toys. Others are electronic and battery-operated, so they can move on their own, enticing your kitty to run after them. And still others are made of materials that make a crinkling sound or they have bells inside to grab your kitty’s attention and get her ready to play. Plus, there are also mice toys that are filled with catnip for those felines who love catnip, so that’s another nice way to add to the collection of pet toys in your home.  

Tip: As you shop for mice toys for your cat, keep her preferences in mind if you already know what she likes when it comes to sounds, textures, and even the size of her toys. If you aren’t sure, you can buy different types of toys, figure out which ones she likes playing with most, and then use that knowledge to shop even more strategically whenever you want to get her new toys. 

To help you get started when you are ready to search for toys for your pet, we have compiled a handy list of 10 mice toys, showcased in no particular order, that we think are worth checking out. 

Remember, every cat is different, with her own preferences, so, as we mentioned above, you might need to do a little trial and error before finding the types of toys, including the types of mice toys, that she likes best. But it’ll be worth it because, once you find the perfect toys, she’ll have loads of fun while getting some much-needed exercise, and you’ll be able to bond with her during playtime, while laughing at her adorable antics. 

If you are looking for a classic mouse toy for your cat, this pack of 10 little mice might be just what you need. These fuzzy toys come in multiple colors (white, gray, black, tan, and brown). And they are great for interactive play, as you can toss them for your cat to chase, or hold them by the tail to entice your kitty to grab them out of your hand. Then, when your pet wants to play on her own, you might find that these toys can keep her occupied and active. 

These toy mice are small, measuring around 4.25” x 1”, and they feature a long tail that’s sure to get your cat’s attention. Plus, because you get so many of them in a pack, this can also be a good choice for multi-cat households, as there will be plenty of toys to go around. 

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The Our Pets Play-N-Squeak MouseHunter Cat Toy has a few features that are designed to get your cat’s attention when it’s time to exercise through play. First, it’s shaped to look and feel like a furry mouse with a long tail, and it measures roughly 3.25”, so it can be a good size for kitties of all ages. Second, it makes a squeaking sound when it is batted around, and this mimics the sound that a real mouse would make. And, finally, it is also filled with North American catnip to attract your kitty and keep her interested. 

Made to stimulate your pet’s mind, while also helping her avoid boredom, this is a toy that she can play with on her own, as well as one that you can use during interactive play sessions with your pet. Overall, we think this is a nice little mouse toy that may be worth adding to your pet’s collection, especially if she prefers toys that contain catnip or toys that make sounds.

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Another nice set of mice toys is this Ethical Pet Spot Rainbow Plush Rattling Mice Cat Toy with Catnip. It is a pack of 12 colorful mice, so there will be plenty of toys to go around if you have more than one kitty. You can hide them throughout your house for your furry companion to find, use them in a puzzle toy, or use one at a time and have enough backups ready when they get worn out. 

Covered in faux fur, these mice are filled with catnip, so if your feline companion loves the smell of catnip, this is a great way to attract her to a new toy that she can play with on her own and with you. They are a good size for batting and grabbing, and you can toss them easily to encourage your kitty to run after them. Plus, they make a rattling sound, too, so they come with an extra feature that can grab your pet’s attention. 

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The SmartyKat Skitter Critters Value Pack is a pack of 10 plush catnip mice that are lightweight and perfect for tossing, batting, swatting, pouncing on, and carrying around the house like prey. 

Whether your kitty prefers playing solo or you want to join in on the fun, these little mice can entice your pet to exercise, especially if she is attracted to toys that contain catnip. We also like that the catnip that’s used in these mice is free of chemicals and pesticides. And if you ever need to clean these toy mice, you can simply wipe them with a damp cloth. 

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Yet another cute set of plush, soft mice for cats is this option from Frisco. It is a 3-pack of multi-colored mice with long tails that can get your kitty’s attention. A great way to encourage your pet to let her energy out in a positive way through play, these feature a texture that is described as fuzzy, and they also contain Canadian catnip to keep your feline friend interested. 

You can play with your cat by grabbing these by the tail and dangling them in the air or tossing them across the room for your pet to chase. They are also lightweight and easy for your cat to pick up and carry around with her teeth. 

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The Petstages Mice Cat Chew Toy is a good option when you want to introduce some toys that can help with keeping your kitty’s teeth clean, no matter her age. The netting that is on the exterior of this toy is designed to help remove tartar from your pet’s teeth, as well as massage the gums, when she bites down on it. Think of it as a floss-like action that happens when your kitty is chewing on this mouse toy, which is also filled with catnip to get her interested in it and keep her playing with it. 

This toy is also lightweight and small in size, so it is designed to be easy for cats to grab and hold during playtime. You can interact with your pet by tossing these colorful toys into the air, or you can let her play on her own with them when she’s feeling bored or restless. 

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If you want to introduce a mouse toy that’s a little bigger in size, check out the Ethical Pet Skinneeez Mouse Cat Toy with Catnip, which measures roughly 6” x 0.75” x 4”. This can be a great toy for cats that like to pounce on their toys and bat them around. Your kitty can hunt down this mouse by chasing it, grabbing it, and carrying it in her mouth.

Unlike so many other toy mice on the market, this one doesn’t have any stuffing inside, but it is plush and shaped to encourage your kitty to have fun and get some exercise through play. It also contains catnip, so if you are worried about your companion being interested in this toy, the smell of the catnip might be enough to get her excited to play with it. 

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The KONG Refillable Frosty Mice Catnip Cat Toy is described as snuggly, plush, and soft. What’s nice about it is you can open it up to add fresh catnip whenever you need to. The convenient pouch is easy to open and close, and it is made to stay sealed so you can confidently let your kitty play with this toy on her own or with you. So, unlike other mouse toys that contain catnip that may lose its potency over time, you can continue keeping your cat interested in this one by removing the old catnip and refilling it again and again. 

This toy, which measures roughly 5.5” x 2”, features a shape and texture that is attractive to cats. It comes with a container of KONG’s premium North American catnip, which you can store in your freezer to keep it nice and fresh. And, if you ever need to clean this toy, it is washable once the catnip has been removed from it. 

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This is a pack of three furry mice toys that are a great size for tossing, chasing, grabbing, and biting. They measure 7” x 1” and have long tails that help grab cats’ attention. Leave them around the house for your kitty to find, or use them to have fun interactive play sessions with your pet.

If your kitty loves to play with toys that have feathers, this soft mouse toy might be just what you need to add some variety to her toy collection and keep her active, as there is a pom-pom and feathers at the end of the tail of each mouse too. And, to clean these toys, simply use a damp cloth.   

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Last on our list is the lightweight Pet Zone Snag-able Crazy Hair Mouse Plush Cat Toy with Catnip. This is yet another option when you are searching for catnip-filled toys that will get your kitty’s attention fast. What makes this toy a little different from the others, though, is that it features textured materials that are durable, looped, and designed to act like a scratcher to help your pet groom her claws.  

This mouse-shaped toy is appropriate for kitties of all ages, it’s easy to toss around, and it can help you encourage your pet to let her inner hunter out. Plus, it even makes a RealMouse sound to keep your pet interested in it. 

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So, which mouse toys will you choose for your furry feline?