Budding Designers Are Invited to Invent a Prize-Winning Cat Bed

Hey up-and-coming designers – invent a sustainable cat bed and you have a chance of winning $1,500 and seeing your design in production.

Calling all budding design students and pet lovers. Tuft + Paw have launched a fab new competition. Design the ultimate sustainable cat bed and you could be a winner! The winning design will be put into production in the US and promoted as a flagship product. Not only that, but you’ll also win $1,500 towards your education, and your cat bed will be donated to cat rescue shelters all over the US. How cool is that?

The criteria

Before you get your thinking cap on, there are some criteria you need to bear in mind for your design.

  • The design must be environmentally friendly using ethically sourced materials.
  • It must be affordable, so anyone can buy one, not just millionaires!
  • It’s got to look stunning and turn heads.
  • It must be easy to ship and lightweight. As a heads up, they’ve suggested that bonus points will be given for collapsible flat-pack beds.
  • It must also be practical.

What do you do?

In order to enter the contest, you need to create a physical prototype and submit photos of this along with technical drawings giving the dimensions, and instructions on how the bed will be produced. The online form for submission is available on the Tuft + Paw website.

Last date for submissions is September 31, 2017 and a winner will be drawn before October 31, 2017.

Good luck aspiring cat furniture designers!

Emily Hutchinson
Emily Hutchinson

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