Celebrity Judge Lil Bub Wants You To Sock It To Her!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The most magical, one-of-a-kind space cat has joined an elite panel of celebrity judges for Sock It To Me’s Design-A-Sock contest, and we expect some fur may fly in the competition!

Internet celebrity and space cat extraordinaire Lil Bub has decided to grace the fashion world with her presence by joining the judges’ panel in Sock It To Me’s Design-a Sock Contest, and she’s looking forward to continuing to help raise money for animals in need.

Mike Bridavsky, Bub’s papa, adopted the five-year-old runt of a feral litter and immediately knew she was one special kitten. Lil Bub’s teeth never grew in. Her tongue sticks out all the time, and she has extra toes on all of her paws. Clearly, her look is one of a kind.

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But it’s her heart and spirit that made America fall in love with her as Bridavsky would post pictures of Bub that went viral, and now the feline diva darling of the internet uses her fame to help raise money for animals in need.

In that vein, Bub will use her heart’s song when judging designs for the contest. The contest will allow ‘designers’ of all ages to create a sock design for Sock It to Me. Winners of the contest will receive up to $2000 and the winning design will be part of Sock It to Me’s Fall 2017 collection.

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So there’s a lot riding on Bub’s fashionista skills! Bub describes her style as minimal…which makes complete and perfect sense in that she doesn’t wear clothes (except for when she’s doing her calendar shoot, of course!) and she is excited to be part of this project, but mostly because of the awareness for animal rights she’ll be bringing as a judge.

Being a rescue herself, Lil Bub feels the need to give back to both the human and animal world. While she looks forward to the fast and fun lifestyle of the fashion world, her greatest wish (and that of her dad’s) is that the world offers more compassion and empathy to all, human and feline alike. (And yes, even dogs!)

You can join in the fun (and have Lil Bub give you her purrfessional opinion) by heading over to Sock It To Me until September 30. Then, the claws come out to decide the winner!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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