Fresh Water Always Blooms From CatIt Flower Fountain

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by PetGuide Staff
Let it flow! CatIt’s Flower Fountain is the best way to ensure your cat always has a clean source of water.

Cat’s can be picky about their water. It can’t be too close to their food. They prefer a running source of water. Sometimes they don’t want to share it. In my house, kitty Lavinia can’t stand it when her dog sister, Callisto, goes anywhere near “her” water bowl. This, is of course, complicated by the fact that Lavinia has claimed all four water bowls in the apartment. She really tries to leave Callisto high and dry… but other than bullying dogs, cats’ drinking requirements can make keeping your cat hydrated a difficult task.

Catit is working on eliminating that for all of us cat owners. Their 2.0 Flower Fountain is here to revolutionize drinking water for your cat.

The CatIt Flower Fountain looks like a small white bucket, with a green lid and a flower on top. The “bucket” element of the fountain is a three liter water reservoir that is designed to take up as little space on your floor as possible. The closed container means that no dust or hair can fall into the water.

The height of the fountain is at the perfect level for adult cats, and the opaque white nature of the fountain means that the water tastes fresh longer. The whisker stress free design of the bright green drinking means that your cat is going to be so excited about this awesome fountain. Even better? There are three different water flow settings for picky cats.

In fact, it combines the proven technology of both human drinking fountains, and other CatIt drinking fountain products. The fountain has awesome features like a dual action water softening filter (though refill sets are sold separately). The filter is always working to purify and soft hard tap water, while also stop any dust, hair or dirt from polluting your cat’s water. The object that powers the water movement is a low powered and long lasting electric pump. It hums away almost inaudibly in the background.

And so, with all these awesome snazzy features this flower fountain is impossible to handle. Wrong! The flower fountain is still easy to clean. Take it apart, take out the motor, and then hand wash each component with natural soap.

Clean, free flowing water is exactly what your cat wants, so she’s definitely going to be excited about this fountain. I have tried a variety of different “super clean” cat bowls as well as other options for Lavinia, and she’s never really been interested in it. The flowing water, coupled I think with the soothing noise of the Flower Fountain, really got her attention though. Lavinia isn’t the only happy customer! CatIt created a product with which she can interact, and it’s made staying hydrated a lot easier for her.

If you’re interested in making water bloom for your cat, get the CatIt Flower Fountain for just $29.99.

PetGuide Staff
PetGuide Staff

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