Ginger Cat Puts His Own Spin On Famous Artwork

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Russian artist Svetlana Petrova’s ‘artwork’ showcases the talent of a very fat Ginger cat, as she uses Photoshop to edit him into some of the art world’s most famous images.

Svetlana Petrova said that before she adopted her Ginger cat, Zarathustra, she was on her way into deep depression. Her mother had just passed, and Zarathrusta was special to her mother. Petrova believes that it was her mother’s love for the cat that made him so personable and definitely makes him so special to Petrova.

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Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus. Cats are a girl’s best friends ?

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Jacques-Louis David, Cat Crossing the Alps ? The epic moment when he lost his famous triangle hat ?

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Petrova says that Zarathustra is a talented little guy, and loves to pose for photographs. She said that often the poses are ones in which it’s like Zarathustra is asking her to paint him in a historically artistic way, and she heeds his pleading eyes. The rest then became history for FatCat Art.

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Norman Rockwell, Freedom from Want: Give you Turkey to the Cat ?? ?Happy !

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For Leonardo da Vinci's birth months: Zarathustra the Cat's evergreen classics: Mona Lisa, True Version ? smile

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Petrova has over 7,000 photographs in which she’s photoshopped Zarathrusta into some of the most famous paintings in the entire world. She says that the work is challenging but exciting as an artist, in that she has to make sure she gets just the right expression and fit for each masterpiece.

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Today is the birthday of Raphael! The true verstion of the couple of angels of Raphael's Sistine Madonna is a real artwork by Svetlana Petrova & Zarathustra the Cat Title : Cats are True Angels ? To be seen at @artporters gallery, Singapore True angels say: "Do you have any shrimps for us?" ???

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We Cat Do it! ? Tomorrow is the International Women's Day! The true version of the famous J. Howard Miller's poster, improved by Zarathustra the Cat ?

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Pieces can sometimes take months to do, and she says that she works hard to emulate the style of the master who originally created the piece, while fitting her cat into them so he looks naturally placed.

The works are so popular, they’ve been made into a book, and are showcased on Petrova’s site, FatCat Art. You can also see Zarathustra dominates the video world as well!

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