Girl’s Interview About Her Cat’s Butt Goes Viral

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A little girl’s interview with her cat has left us in stitches, and created a celebri-kitty in the process!

Pual Duane’s daughter wanted to figure out what made her cat Coco tick, and so she did what one does when one wants to know answers. She asked her cat some questions.

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Yes, she interviewed Coco, as if she was a reporter learning about a new, up-and-coming star. (Based on the retweets she’s seen in the last few days, at least 57,000 people believe Coco to be just that!) She started by asking things like where Coco liked to be rubbed. Always good info when petting temperamental creatures with sharp claws and teeth.

Coco responded that all was good, unless her tummy was inovled–and that was forbidden. She wasn’t super fond of her legs or tail, though.

My kid did an interview with her cat

— Paul (father of the more famous Gabi) Duane (@MrPaulDuane) December 4, 2017

But then Duane’s daughter decided to get down and dirty, literally, and asked Coco about rubbing her ‘butt’ and Coco did what every other modest pussy cat would do–she ended the interview with a huff and a fluff. Can we blame her, really? Bottoms are pretty private.

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Duane tweeted the ‘tail’-all, which continues to give us all ‘paws’ as we try to understand the mind of a cat.

Oh, and we laugh our butts off!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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