How To Prevent Boredom While Your Cat Is Home Alone

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If your cat is regularly left home alone and he doesn’t have another kitty that he can play with, he can get extremely bored and lonely. And these feelings, combined with all of the pent-up energy he will have when you get home, may lead to aggressive or destructive behaviors. One of the steps you should take, therefore, involves finding the right toys that your cat will love that will not only keep his attention while you are gone but will also allow him to exercise and release some energy in a safe way. But you should also make sure there are other ways to keep your cat occupied while you’re away.

Continue reading to learn a few tips to get you started, but remember that every cat is an individual, so figuring out what your pet prefers is imperative if you want to reduce stress and come home to a happy feline.

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Kitty TV

Kitty TV can be one of two things: a great window seat to view the birds, squirrels, and people walking around outside, or your very own television showing some cat-friendly videos of wildlife and other pets. If your cat enjoys sitting and watching television with you, especially when there are animals being displayed, leave it on while you aren’t home so that he can catch a few minutes of an interesting show to stay occupied. You can even purchase DVDs created specifically for cats. And make sure there is a window or two that your kitty can sit at for hours on end. Not only will he be stimulated by the activity going on outside, but he will also be getting some much-needed sunshine, making it the perfect spot to nap as well.

Safe Toys for Solo Play

Many cat toys should only be used when you’re there to supervise play, as there may be dangerous parts that can be swallowed, such as strings. But some cat toys on the market are specifically designed to keep your cat occupied when you aren’t home. Catnip-filled balls and stuffed animals are great toys to leave lying around the house for your kitty to find and pounce on. But puzzle toys are also a great option because they will keep your pet occupied for longer periods of time as he figures out how to get the treats that are locked within them. Toys that make sounds when touched or pushed are also great for keeping your cat from getting bored when home alone. Consider swapping out different toys that are left out every day to keep things interesting too.

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Clever Hiding Spots

Hiding places can be created by draping a blanket over a chair or leaving out a paper bag from the supermarket. Place a toy inside the bag or under the chair so that your cat can dive in and hunt down his toy.

Cat Treat Hunt

Leaving a few cat treats strategically hidden around the house is yet another way to keep your cat happy while he is at home on his own. As he walks around, he may catch the scent of one of his favorite treats, and finding it in a spot that he didn’t expect it to be in will be exciting and rewarding.

Before leaving your cat home alone for extended periods of time, whether you are off to a relative’s home for a day trip or you are just heading to work, spend a few minutes playing with your cat to tire him out a bit. This will help prevent boredom later on, especially if he is ready to settle down and take a long nap after the exciting play session.