Keep An Eye On Your Cat’s Feeding Habits With Cutting-Edge Bistro

The world’s smartest cat feeder proves there’s no such thing as TMI

Worried that your kitty isn’t getting enough to eat during the day? Wish the two of you could “do lunch,” but office logistics make it impossible? Not to worry – Bistro is here to bridge the gap.

The Bistro is equal parts pet sitter, smart feeder and detective, all in one beautiful designed gadget. Human innovation has no limits, especially when it comes to keeping our feline boss happy.

The feeder comes with a digital scale to measure the exact amount of food your cat needs while you’re away. The same technology is used for the water tank so your kitty always has fresh, clean water, which hopefully translates into no more jumping into the sink (unless, you know, he wants to).

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Lights, Camera, Munch!

If this was just a stylish cat feeder, we wouldn’t be making such a fuss. The fact is food distribution is just one of the many cool features attached to the Bistro. Here’s how it works: in order to get his food, your cat has to walk up to the weighing station, where his weight will be displayed. Attached to the food bowl is a camera with a face recognition device that determines who’s eating the food. This is just too cool! No more freeloading guests at this feeder. That makes it perfect for the multi cat household. This advanced cat-facial recognition technology can tell which cat is feeding so that the owner can quantify the diet history for each cat.

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This super-smart cat feeder will supply you with daily, weekly, and monthly diet history of your cats, and it will analyze the history to see if there’s any abnormal intake and send you a warning. All of this info goes directly to your cell phone app. You’ll be able to keep track of food intake, changes in diet preferences and why one cat is looking a little too pudgy while the other won’t stop eating from the trash.

Want to avoid those uncomfortable lunches in the break room at the office? Now you can have a non-creepy virtual lunch date with your cat and secretly watch him eat while you enjoy your sandwich. Who says romance is dead?

Sharing the Foody Love

The Bistro doesn’t end with being an over-all health monitor for your cat. It’s also a platform were all like-minded cat parents can share their stories as well as provide nutritional updates via social media.

Sounds amazing, right? Now you want to get one! Bistro’s successful Indiegogo campaign reached their goal earlier this year and it will be available by Spring 2015. You can pre-order the Bistro smart feeder now ($199) and be the first one on your block with bragging rights to the coolest cat feeder on the market.

Glorimar Anibarro
Glorimar Anibarro

Glorimar Anibarro is a proud Puerto Rican now living in Southern California. She decided to trade in a career in advertising for a bold, new adventure – becoming a bilingual pet writer, sharing her knowledge in both English and Spanish. She also writes, designs and illustrates the chronicles of "Gato Avocado": a two-dimensional cat living in a three-dimensional world.

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