Kitty Camper Van Hits All the Bases When It Comes to Roughing It

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
This retro kitty camper has a 60s feel that makes it feel a little bit Barbie’s camper but with more scratching, lounging, and cool hideaway.

The Moggiez & Doggiez Cardboard Kitty Camper gives your cat all the fun of camping… without actually having to go outside.

Right off the bat (pun intended), it’s super easy to assemble and consists of ultra-sturdy recycled cardboard sides, base and roof that are printed up in non-toxic ink to resemble a camper trailer (styles include Vintage Shasta, Airstream Silver Bullet or Retro-Chic). Kitty crawls in and is immediately transported (in her imagine) to the forest wilds where she is living off the land.

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The second great feature are the side windows and skylight that allow her to take in the sights, the sounds or maybe just secretly keep track of everything going on around her as she lays quietly off to the side of the room, disguised as a camper.

Rounding third base is a highly important feature to this kitty camper – the corrugated textured interior base which provides a handy scratching pad for when kitty decides she needs to sharpen her tools. BTW, this camper also include a free eBook for training kitty to not sharpen her tools on the furniture!

Fourth, last and certainly not least are the included cat toys that allow her to choose a fuzzy mouse or a feathery bauble to play with – all without ever having to break her cover by leaving her hideout.

Don’t forget that ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits also like to camp in the Moggiez & Doggiez Cardboard Kitty Camper! Of course you’ll have to figure out the s’mores part yourself.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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