Winners Of Our Petlinks Meowy Catmas Contest

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The cats really came through in our Petlinks Meowy Catmas Photo Contest! Sure, they may not like wearing that ugly Christmas sweater or Santa hat, and they see no problems climbing a tree or getting into the wrapping paper, but these kitties did what they had to in order to pounce away with one of three Petlinks gift baskets worth over $120!

Without further ado, here are the winners:

Amelia from Providence, RI

Amelia from Providence, RI: Amelia wishes everyone peaceful holiday dreams! Hmmmm… we wonder if she has visions of sugar plums dancing in her head?!


Pandora from Portland, OR

Pandora from Portland, OR: I was doing a dog photo shoot with the Christmas Lights in the background when Pandora decided she wanted to be part of the shoot, too! What a little scene stealer!


Hanklesford B Biglesworth from Ennismore, ON, Canada

Hanklesford B Biglesworth from Ennismore, ON, Canada: The look (and his name) says it all. He’s the original Grinchy Cat!

Thank you all so much for entering – your cats made everyone who saw the pictures merry and bright! And a big thanks also goes out to Petlinks, who provided the prizes for our lucky winners.

Happy holidays!