Inupathy Harness Displays How Your Dog Feels In a Rainbow of Colors

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
It’s like a mood ring…for dogs! This harness calculates how your dog feels by analyzing your dog’s heart rate variability and lights up in red, blue, white or rainbow colors.

It’s often difficult to understand how your dog feels on any given time. They don’t smile or frown to indicate happiness or sadness, and they can’t communicate how they feel to you in a language you understand. They can’t tell you: “I want to play fetch because it’s my favorite game!” or “I’m thinking about something, give me a second to process.”

The Inupathy harness aims exactly that. The word “Inupathy” is a combination of two words: insight and empathy. And that’s exactly what this harness is built to do: give you insight and understand your dog’s emotional state of being. Using a heart rate monitor, it analyses your dog’s heart rate and shows you exactly how they feel by displaying different colors on the harness’ back.

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Using it is pretty simple. There are three steps to finding out how your dog feels everyday. Step one: slip Fido through the harness. Step two: download the app. Step three: let the app and harness calculate how your dog is feeling by taking your dog’s HRV (heart rate variability) and you’ll soon see your dog’s harness light up!

 There are a multitude of hues that light up the Inupathy. If you take your dog to the park and you suddenly see red, it means he is overjoyed and excited that he’ll be seeing all their four-legged friends. You may see the color blue your pooch is sleeping, which means he’s relaxed. If he’s awake but concentrating on something, you’ll more than likely see the harness turn white. Lastly, if you’re giving your dog some hardcore cuddles, you’ll probably see the coolest color combination of them all: rainbow!

The phone application also does more than simply break down your dog’s heart rate to show you how he feels. It also has a “play mode,” which suggests a type of play to engage in, based on how your furry child feels. Plus, it also records your pooch’s heart rate during play, so you can find out how much your dog likes playing fetch versus tug of war. Your dog may not be able to say how much he misses playing tug of war with you, but this app can certainly remind you and by playing it, the bond between human and canine can strengthen.

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Despite this harness being super cool (I mean, who else has a harness that can flash colors in the park?!), judging an emotional state solely through heart rate has proven to be inaccurate. You can’t judge how an animal is feeling just based on their heart rate and nothing else… their body language and facial expression also speaks volume.

I would love to strap the harness to an arm or leg of mine and see how the Inupathy harness reads my emotional state of being. I have a feeling that after a good run, when my heart rate is through the roof, it may flash red to indicate that I’m happy when in reality, I’ll be drenched in sweat from head to toe and wishing I had a burger. No, I won’t be happy, I’ll just be incredibly hungry and that can quickly turn into hanger (hungry and angry – not a great combination, folks!)

But hey, for $169, at least my dog will look rad as hell when we’re taking a leisurely evening stroll down the street. It’s like a constant rave whenever we take a walk, and I’m totally okay with that! To get yours, head on over to GadgetFlow.

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