Your Dearly Departed Pet Leaves a Permanent Mark on You With Everence

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
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Want to memorialize your beloved pet in a unique way that will have him or her with you forever? Everence has introduced tattoo ink additives that use cremated remains or hair samples that allow you to carry a piece of your pet wherever you go.

When our furbabies cross the Rainbow Bridge, life loses some of its sparkle and shine. We miss them terribly, and there are fewer heartbreaking things than when the box of ashes and the pawprint comes back from the vet, reminding you they’re not with you anymore.

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And then you’re left wondering what to do with the remains? Sprinkle under a favorite tree? Throw in the lake they loved swimming in? Sit in a very special place in your home to be as close to you as possible?

Now, the company Everence is offering another option, one that literally lets what is left of your pet be part of you forever. Everence creates one-of-a-kind tattoo ink additives that are made from the cremains of your pet. The company also makes collection kits from human and pet hair samples and all the kits can be taken to any tattoo artist for use in whatever design you like.

Patrick Duffy is the CEO and co-founder of Everence. He said that his company wants to give people the ability to be connected forever to what inspires them. They started with letting their customers use DNA from a loved one or a pet into Everence, and then they realized they needed to come up with something for people whose loved ones are no longer with them. Now, Everence can be made from cremains of their pet or hair from their human or pet loved ones.

PupStarz Rescue co-founder Robyn O’Brien says that she finds her Everence tattoos really special because they allow her to keep the dogs she rescues with her forever, even though but a short time on earth.

Adding cremated ash from loved ones is not a new technology, but Everence is the first to patent a process that allows ash to be okay for the body and able to be used by tatoo artists. The ink additive is used with medical-grade materials and every step of the process is done under the most strict quality control and safety standards.

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The Everence process that stemmed from DNA began with molecular biology that extracts and purifies short strands of DNA from a customer’s sample. Now the same process has been modified and perfected to create Everence from cremated ash or hair. The patented process microencapsulates the micronized and purified sample in a medical-grade polymer material so the body will not destroy or reject it, and it can remain part of the tattoo forever.

The cremation and hair kits start at $350, and you can order directly from Everence.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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