Little Girl Walks Her Big Dog, Internet Loses Its S@#t

A little girl in Niagara Falls, New York and her disabled canine best friend have broken the interwebs with their adorableness!

Tel Aviv Launches Revolutionary Digital Dog Concierge Service

Tel Aviv is one of the dog-friendliest cities in the world. They're working to keep that way with a new concierge service that caters to canines!

Please Note: We Need Smoko’s Heated Corgi Slippers

We know it’s just October, but the holidays will be here before you know it and we’re pretty sure you’re going to be disappointed if you ar…

Go Hands Free With PaxLeash, the Extreme Jogging Leash

It's a hands free device that'll help you and your dog on the jogging trail. Thanks to PaxLeash, it's never been easier to hit your #fitgoals.

Forget Doggy Bags: Restaurants That Serve Dog-Friendly Menu Items

What's on the menu for dogs? A lot more than you think! Here are just a few restaurants that have adapted menu items specifically for your pooch.

Yes, Dog Museums Are a Thing- And They’re Pawesome!

From 15th century dog collars in England to canine-themed art in Massachusetts, man's best friend can be found in museums all over the world.

Roadie App Helps Canine Cancer Patients Get to Vet Appointments

Roadie, the first On-The-Way Delivery Network, has partnered with the National Canine Cancer Foundation to provide pet parents relief when their pup has canc…

Study: Dog Parents Would Overwhelmingly Choose Their Pups Over Partner

A new study commissioned by Wag! found that dog parents would overwhelmingly choose their dogs over partners if push ever came to shove.

Do Dogs Hold Grudges?

We know that elephants never forget, but what about dogs? Do they stay mad or do they forgive and forget? Let's see if dogs hold grudges.

Scoop on Poop: Experts Reveal the Secret Stinky Stats

According to the data gathered by, their dog walkers pick up about 9,000 poops a day, which equals about 2,000 pounds of waste on a daily basis.

Pets Turned Into Dinosaurs and Teddy Bears at Taiwanese Pet Salon

This is not your typical summer shave! A Taiwanese pet groomer is making a name for herself with quirky, unique fur styles that demand a second look.

ABC’s “Downward Dog” Stars Former Homeless Pooch

If you're like me, you boo-hoo when it comes to puppy stories. ABC's new comedy "Downward Dog," will have you laughing and crying!

Quiz: Can You Guess the Doodle?

A doodle or poo refers to a dog mix that contains poodle - standard, miniature or toy. Can you match the picture with the right doodle name?

Study Shows Owning a Pet as a Child Leads to Career Success

An overwhelming majority of business leaders surveyed thinks that having a family pet in childhood played a role in their future success.

Pecs and Pups Will Leave You Panting In The New Year!

What do you get when you combine hot, shirtless men and an organization dedicated to saving homeless animals? Advocacy and fundraising at its finest!

Dog “Pooper” Service? Yep, There’s an App For That!

I shit you not - the Pooper app is really a thing. When your dog does the deed, just hit the app and a pooper scooper is on its way to do your dirty work.

Pet Therapy Helps Addiction Survivors Reclaim Their Lives

It's not uncommon for one to see service dogs helping humans. But there's a growing need for therapy dogs to help those suffering from addiction.

Dog Nativity Scene Has Us Counting Our Blessings

A star is born, and he's heaven sent! A dog groomer in Leicestershire threw in the towels and the result is an adorable doggy Nativity scene!

“Paws of Gotham” Calendar Showcases Diversity of Pets and People I

The Paws (of Gotham!) are out in the Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue's 4th annual calendar, and it's full of celebrities, influencers and pawsome animals!

Not-At-All Weird Guy Wants to “Hang Out” With Your Pets

He'll walk your dog for free, just because. An Australian man raises some eyebrows with a bizarre flyer, but he says he means well.

Actress Olivia Munn Loves Wag! So Much She Became An Investor [Video]

Dog-lover and actress Olivia Munn has paired with on-demand dog walking app Wag! to produce and star in new commercial for the company.

Sony’s New Aibo Robotic Dog is Giving Us Puppy Dog Eyes

A new version of a beloved robotic puppy dog from Sony is out, but we should warn you, those puppy dog eye's will make you want to give him a robotic treat!

A Motorcycle Ride to Raise Money for Pets? Yes Please.

Hogs 4 Paws is looking to put the FUN back in fundraising. Join them with their 2nd Annual Rescue Ride for Animals in Denton, Texas this May!

Dogs Say “No” to Bacon, Adopt Pig Instead

Hey, bacon isn't for everyone (and it's not that great for you)! Case in point: two pooches couldn't be closer to their adopted brother, Dexter the Pig!

Strike a Yoga Pose and Help Shelter Cats Find New Homes

The yoga-classic 'cat pose' is taking on a whole new meaning. As well as stretching, this free yoga class is helping find shelter cats furever homes.

Robotic Bad Dog Shocks Humans Into Better Behaviors To Battle Loneline

A new project called Bad Dog is tackling the problem of loneliness in the youth of China, with robotic “Bad Dog” shocking humans into better beha…

Woman Meets Her Dog’s Twin On the Way to the Market and Gives Him a

%%excerpt%% Their story really sounds like a fairytale!

Runaway Dog’s PugShot Goes Viral

A Police department on the New Jersey Shore has won the Internet today, posting an adorable “PugShot” of a runaway dog from Maryland. As if pictu…

Three Cheers For Chateau La Paws Wine!

Newly re-launched wine brand pairs dog lovers with a vintage that helps rescue shelters and dogs in need Whether you’re toasting to your pooch’s…

BounceBack Botanicals: Our “Best In Show” From Global Pet Expo 201

Global Pet Expo 2017 was full of amazing natural products. It was hard to choose just one, but BounceBack Botanicals from Pawflex was a standout.

Track Your Dog’s Mood With TailTalk Emotion Sensor

If you're happy and you know it, wag your tail! The TailTalk is a small device placed on your dog's tail that tells you how your dog is feeling.

Quiz: Can You Guess These Famous Movie Dogs?

Dogs have starred in some of the most iconic movies in the film industry. Can you name the main canine characters in these top 10 famous dog movies?

We Rate Dogs Is Now A Game: 15/10 Life Is Complete

The popular Twitter account We Rate Dogs has announced they’ve created a card game based on their oft-disproportionate ratings of dogs. 15/10 we are so…

If You’re Happy And You Know It… So Does Your Dog!

Yay Science! Now we have proof that our dogs recognize what it means when we smile (or frown). Being a dog trainer, I see how dogs interact with their owners…

PetMOJI-fy Your Furry Friend With “The Secret Lives of Pets”

Ever wondered what your pet would look like as a cartoon character? The PetMOJI Creator helps you reimagine your pet for the silver screen.

2017’s Top 10 Wacky Dog and Cat Names

Dunkin Butterbeans, Yeti Spaghetti, Ninja Killer Nine Thousand, and Jabba the Butt are just a few of the wackiest names of 2017.

Study: You Can Sniff Out Your Dog By Smell

It’s not new information that our dogs’ sniffers are pretty incredible and they have the ability to sniff out everything from new lotion we wear…

This AI-Powered Camera Will Make Sure You Capture Every Precious Momen

The OBSBOT Tail, presented to the public as the "world's first auto-director AI camera" just rolled out a new feature that is certain to draw in pet owners.

In the Big Apple, Posh Pooches Go Hiking With Pros

Busy New Yorkers are paying top dollar to professional dog walkers to take their pooches to scenic hikes. These doggos enjoy the best of both worlds!

Survey: We’d Rather Have Pet-Related Perks Than Pets in the Workplac

Paid pet bereavement and time off to care for pets are more important than allowing pets in the workplace, according to recent survey results.

PlayDate is Fetch for Next Gen Dog Nerds

No matter where you are, take time out to play fetch with your dog. PlayDate takes the standard ball and goes 2.0 with an app, built-in camera and treats.

Doggie Desserts From Ben & Jerry’s? Yes, Please!

Finally. Things are looking up for 2021. Ben & Jerry’s has just introduced two ice cream flavors that were created specifically for our dogs, and we&rs…

Which Member Of The Paw Patrol Is Right For Your Family?

The Paw Patrol are a charming group of dogs led by a noble and steadfast German Shepherd named Chase, and since 2013, they’ve rescued their way into th…

Woman Rescues Hurricane Irma Dog and Restores Faith in Humanity

The displaced pets from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have been tugging at our hearts, and one dog in Florida found a home in the middle of the storm.

Real-Life Shelter Show Rooms Help Dogs Get Adopted

Life for shelter dogs can be stressful. One Humane Society in Ohio is working to change those stress levels, and help dogs find fur-ever homes for real.

PocoPet Is the World’s Most Compact Pet Carrier

The pocket-sized, ultralight pet carrier can be attached to a leash or tossed in a purse- so you can always have it with you when the need arises.

Is One Human Year Equal to 7 Canine Years? Debunking the Dog Age Myth

If you want to calculate your dog's age relative to yours, you'll need to consider one important factor that will completely change the equation.

Jaguar Releases an Exclusive Line of Pet Products Perfect for Pampered

Just in time for Christmas, the luxury vehicle brand announced their new premium accessory range intended for the man's best friend.

Stray Dog Caught Shoplifting Clothes In a Hilarious Security Cam Video

In a shopping mall in Istanbul, Turkey, security cameras have caught a cheeky four-legged shoplifter stealing garments on multiple occasions.

Survey: Many Dog Owners Consider Themselves ‘Helicopter Parents’

A new survey found that 6 in 10 dog owners said they loved and cared for their pets so much they considered themselves ‘helicopter parents’.NOW…

Adopt a Dog, Get Awesome AirBnB (Almost) Free!

AurBnB and shelter dogs! There's a huge stray pet problem in Hungary and one bank has come up with an innovative way to help solve it!

CNIB Needs Help Loving Puppies? Sign Us Up!

The Canadian National Institute For the Blind (CNIB) just announced a dog lover's dream job--an opportunity to love and raise soon-to-be guide dogs.

Real Life Fox and Hound Are the Cutest Ever

How's this for an unlikely pair? Australian Shepherd/Malamute mix Moose the dog and his best buddy Juniper the fox makes us melt at the cuteness!

Hunks and Hounds 2015 Is Basically The Best Calendar Ever

Precious pooches + hound lovin’ hotties? Where do we sign up?! Um, somebody call the fire department, because it’s getting a little hot in here&h…

Touching Memorial Miniatures of Pets Offer Comfort to Grieving Pet Par

The talented Hastings-based artist creates tiny felted sculptures of pets, particularly popular with pawrents whose furballs have passed.

“Bachelor” Puppies Ask If You’re The One? [Video]

A litter of puppies up for adoption in Fort Collins named after contestants from the hit show "The Bachelor" are looking for their forever homes.

ResQwalk App Wants You To Step Up To Benefit Animal Rescues

Walking doesn’t just get you from point A to point B. Thanks to a free mobile app, every step you take earns money for animal charities. Dogs love thei…

Online Retailer’s Customer Service Department Understands Pet Loss

Out to prove that businesses aren't faceless, an online pet store is reminding its subscribers that they feel their pain when a furry family member passes.

Dog Stuck On Roof Has Lots Of Love For His Rescuer [Video]

A dog trapped on the roof of his home in Maine gave his first responder the best thank-you he could when he was rescued–sweet doggie kisses. You’…

Rags-to-Riches Shelter Dog Becomes Face of Shoe Company

Oliver is a pit bull rescued from the Humane Society when he was just a puppy, but he's showing the world how you start off doesn't decide where you end up!