Dogs Are Marvel Superheroes And Villains In Awesome Illustration Serie

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… pug? Illustrator Josh Lynch gives pups a superhero (or supervillain) makeover in this awesome new…

Touching Memorial Miniatures of Pets Offer Comfort to Grieving Pet Par

The talented Hastings-based artist creates tiny felted sculptures of pets, particularly popular with pawrents whose furballs have passed.

Bottom’s Up! Pour Your Pooch a Cold Bottom Sniffer Brew

Bet your bottom dollar that you've never heard of Bottom Sniffer Brew, a new non-alcohol beer that's just for dogs. Bottom's up!

Pooch Perks the Norm in Taylor Morrison New Home Communities

Living the dream just got a little bit easier for our four-legged friends in new home communities that feature doggy amenities built right in.

Golden Retriever Showers New York With Handshakes and Hugs

A Golden Retriever named Loubie is making the streets of New York City a little happier, giving humans hugs and leaving them with big smiles on their faces.

New Device Allows The Blind To Monitor Their Guide Dog

Still in its initial stages, this device allows people who are blind to monitor their guide dogs, lets keep tabs on the health of their canine companions.

Designs For Dogs Raise Money For Homeless Pets In Arizona

Home designers, builders, architects and engineers in Phoenix, Arizona are working together as they raise money for the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

New Art Exhibit Designed Just for Artsy-Fartsy Dogs

These modern and interactive art exhibits in London prove that bipeds are not the only ones who enjoy culture and artistic genius!

Snuggle With Your Pet 24/7 In This Kangaroo Hoodie

For dogs who are attached at the hip (or in this case, your stomach), this hoodie will no doubt make them feel included as you work your day away.

Rescued Pittie Goes Bonkers For Bonnets

A Pitbull named Abigail was rescued from a horrible situation. Now she's got a new mom, and people all over the world are sending her hats-ful of love!

Rags-to-Riches Shelter Dog Becomes Face of Shoe Company

Oliver is a pit bull rescued from the Humane Society when he was just a puppy, but he's showing the world how you start off doesn't decide where you end up!

You’re Cordially Invited To The First Dog’s Indoguration!

Next week will be historic for many reasons–one of which is the first-ever rescue pup to become the First Dog. That’s right, when President-elec…

New Dog Remote Gives Your Pooch Control of the TV

What else is your dog going to do all day while you're away at work? Channel surfing has never been easier for your dog with the new Dog Remote!

University Students Are Waiting in Line to Walk This Giant Ball of Flu

Thousands of McGill University students are volunteering to walk a big fluffy Pyrenees dog, who quickly became a bona fide campus superstar.

Luxury Labelers Going To The Dogs For Chinese New Year

To ring in the Year of The Dog, well-known brands are capitalizing on Chinese New Year - just a few luxury brands include Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna.

Is One Human Year Equal to 7 Canine Years? Debunking the Dog Age Myth

If you want to calculate your dog's age relative to yours, you'll need to consider one important factor that will completely change the equation.

Jaguar Releases an Exclusive Line of Pet Products Perfect for Pampered

Just in time for Christmas, the luxury vehicle brand announced their new premium accessory range intended for the man's best friend.

4 New Varietals Find “Furrever” Home In Chateau La Paws Wines

Let's raise another glass and toast the four new varietals (for humans only!) that Chateau La Paws is adding to its collection. We give them four paws up!

Karma, the Dental Therapy Dog, Will Make You Smile!

A little Chihuahua-mix named Karma gives dental patients in San Francisco proof that some love and cuddles can make even the scariest of times much better.

Facility Dog at Children’s Hospital Helps Kids Feel Better

A Golden Retriever named Kaia is stealing hearts while she's helping healing children at the Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Research Suggests Dogs’ Personalities May Change With Life Events

New research published in the Journal of Research in Personality suggests that a dog’s personality isn’t always the same, and much like their hum…

Survey Uncovers Biggest Pet Peeves of American Pawrents

US pet parents of all ages discovered what they think are the worst habits of cat and dog owners. The answers might surprise you!

Quiz: Can You Guess A Dog Breed By His Butt?

Breed booty quiz! You may be a pro at being able to name a dog breed by looking him in the eye, but how mad are your skills when it comes to his rear end?

Creepy Pug Mask Talks When You Talk!

Filed under the weirdest stuff found on the web this week: Realistic animal masks with mouths that move when you talk. Freak out your dog with one!

Dogs In Food Instagram Photos Serve Up Delightful Doggie Dishes

Art imitating life has new meaning as a New York artist has created a photo series that combines dogs and food for delicious adorableness. An adorable photo…

The Good Stuff Pet Truck Is Coming Soon To a City Near You

With 50% of US dogs carrying unnecessary weight, the Good Stuff Pet Truck shows you how to teach your dog some tricks without putting on the extra pounds.

Coming Soon: Beetl, The Poop-Picking Robot

We love our dogs. SO much so that we’re willing to follow behind them and pick up their crap. Literally. So how excited are we that Beetl Robotics has…

Pups And Coffee Cups: Rescue Dogs While Enjoying Fair-Trade Coffee

A Kickstart project aims to open a café that caters to latte and dog lovers – it’s an adoption shelter and coffee bar all in one! A North…

Dog “Pooper” Service? Yep, There’s an App For That!

I shit you not - the Pooper app is really a thing. When your dog does the deed, just hit the app and a pooper scooper is on its way to do your dirty work.

Quiz: What Dog Breed Do You Party Like During the Holiday Season?

We want to know what kind of party animal you are - take our quiz to find out what dog breed you party like when it comes to making merry.

The Queen and Her Corgis Hold Court on Vanity Fair Cover

In honor of her 90th birthday, Vanity Fair featured British monarch Queen Elizabeth and her pooches on its latest cover. Royal paw wave!

Disney Caricature of Service Dog is Picture Perfect

As if the most magical place in the world could be any sweeter, a Disney artist broke the Internet with his caricature of a service dog!

The Hipster Harness Is Here to Help Heal Your Dog’s Hip Dysplasia

Not only will this amazing harness help with your pooch’s hip dysplasia, but it’ll also make your pooch look like a super cool robo-dog! If you h…

Earth Rated’s “Cards Against Caninity” Supplies Laughs and Shelt

Here's the poop: Nominate an animal shelter to win a case of fleece blankets, and you're entered to win Earth Rated's hilarious card game.

Dog Nativity Scene Has Us Counting Our Blessings

A star is born, and he's heaven sent! A dog groomer in Leicestershire threw in the towels and the result is an adorable doggy Nativity scene!

Indian Pup Pidi Gandhi Takes Over His Dad’s Political Twitter Accoun

Headline grabbing pets are huge, and Pidi, the dog of India's Congress Party Leader Rahul Gandhi, is the latest to steal the hearts of his countrymen!

“Bachelor” Puppies Ask If You’re The One? [Video]

A litter of puppies up for adoption in Fort Collins named after contestants from the hit show "The Bachelor" are looking for their forever homes.

KoolDog Indoor Dog House Perfect For Condo Living

Designed to blend into you home dcor, the KoolDog aint your backyard, DIY indoor dog house. A comfortable indoor dog house for your pet that's stylish.

Graphic Design Student Creates Petflix Ads For Shows We’d Binge Watc

A Miami-based university student created a group of posters as part of an animal shelter campaign for a class assignment, and the final product has us wantin…

Miley Cyrus Adopts Beagle From The Beagle Freedom Project

What a way to start off your new life - with famous pet parent Miley Cyrus! The A-lister found her new pooch with some help from The Beagle Freedom Project.

Cardboard Canine Costumes Crack Us Up!

Cosplay is fun, but let's be honest...all those costumes can add up. A Japanese woman has found a hilarious and cost effective way to dress up her dog.

Say “Selfie!” Get In Front Of The Pooch Selfie Smartphone Attachme

Taking a selfie with your BFF has never been easier! No dog can resist the Pooch Selfie - a hypnotizing tennis ball that attaches to your cell phone.

Quiz: Can You Guess The Working Breed?

You may think your dog is the best leg humper, but let's face it - that's aren't real jobs! Can you guess what day jobs these 10 dog breeds are hired for?

Quiz: Match the High School Stereotype With the Dog Breed

Nerd, jock, class clown, fashionista - dogs are a lot like teenage high school students. Can you match the high school stereotype to the dog breed?

Glitter Balls: Pet Grooming’s New Trend?

Two Words: Glitter Balls. That’s what a couple of groomers are sharing in pictures of dogs who have had their testicles ‘glittered’ with sy…

Sony’s New Aibo Robotic Dog is Giving Us Puppy Dog Eyes

A new version of a beloved robotic puppy dog from Sony is out, but we should warn you, those puppy dog eye's will make you want to give him a robotic treat!

These Are America’s Pet-Friendliest Companies of 2018

According to Wellness Natural Pet Food, here is a list of top 10 pet-friendly companies who offer numerous perks for their staff's furry companion.

Quarantine Weather Reports Constantly Interrupted By Talkative Pooch

With much of North America working remotely from home, there are bound to be some ruff days as pets and their people adjust to so much togetherness. One mete…

Dogs and Joggers Pound the Pavement for Fitness and Forever Homes

Austin Pets Alive! and a local running group have teamed up to create RuffTail Runners, a program that pairs runners with an energetic shelter dog

World’s Only SURFice Dog Receives Gnarly New Ride

A totally tubular therapy dog received a special gift as a thank-you for all the work she's done to help children with disabilities and veterans with PTSD!

Dogs Wearing Soccer Jerseys Score With World Cup Fans can’t wait for 2014 FIFA World Cup to start tomorrow. And when it kicks off in Brazil, we’ll all be watching with our pooches, sport…

Happy Ending For Bi-Ped Puppy Mill Rescue

A rescued puppy mill dog with two legs is living a life with the happiest of endings, after his new dad travelled across the country to bring him home.

Rover Will Roll In Style In This Rolls Royce Concept Car

Posh pooches deserved to be chauffeured to the dog park in Niels van Roij’s Rolls Royce concept car. For those of you who are more into pooches than yo…

This Cool Startup Promises a Solution for Guilty Pet Parents

Pupple's innovative tech lets you keep an eye on your precious pooch while you're away- and makes it a fun experience for them, too.

Quiz: Do You ‘Nose’ Your Dog Breed Nose?

Nose to nose, can you name the breeds behind these 10 butt sniffers? Test your dog "nose"-ledge, and let's find out if you're right on the nose!

Service Dog Gets Caught Up in “Cats” and Joins Cast On Stage

A service dog decided to join Broadway's spectacular hit, "Cats," in a New York theater, prompting many to wonder if it's time to let pooches on the stage.

Fur Will Fly on Animal Planet’s New Show ‘Cat Meets Dog’

Think of it as "The Odd Couple", but with pets. Reality TV goes to the dogs (and cats) on Animal Planet's "Cat Meets Dog", debuting this fall!

Wellness Pets Celebrates 10 Years in Singapore With Interactive Art Ex

Sponsored by Wellness Pet Food to commemorate its 10th year in Singapore, check out this interactive art exhibit for pets!

Hilarious #SnootChallenge Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

There’s a new challenge floating around in the Twitterverse, and it has dogs showing how adorable they are as they attempt to put their best snoots for…

Here’s What Happens When the Poop Hits the Roomba

What happens when a Roomba zooms over dog poop? We found this harrowing tale of a "Poopacylpse," to be the stuff that dramatic comedies are made of!