Megan Markhle’s Regal Beagle Spotted Riding to the Royal Wedding Wit

Onee pawesome little thing seemed to have escaped the notice of the millions of watchful eyes: the bride's rescue beagle has been the star of the event.

Happy Ending For Bi-Ped Puppy Mill Rescue

A rescued puppy mill dog with two legs is living a life with the happiest of endings, after his new dad travelled across the country to bring him home.

Cool Summer Ideas For Panting Pooches

Hot dogs know how to keep it cool this summer We couldn’t be more excited that summer is finally here – especially after that brutal winter that…

Google Japan’s Street View Has Gone To The Dogs [Video]

Google Japan has strapped cameras on the backs of two Akitas who are happy to show you around the prefecture for which they were named!

Dogs Trust Wants You To Give Socks, Not Dogs This Holiday Season

A staggering amount of adopted dogs are returned after the Christmas holidays. Dogs Trust wants to help educate gift givers to this heartbreaking problem.

Disney Caricature of Service Dog is Picture Perfect

As if the most magical place in the world could be any sweeter, a Disney artist broke the Internet with his caricature of a service dog!

It’s Official: The Puphaus Ensures Your Dog’s Digs Are Better Than

Offering modern and minimalist design, this maintenance-free den is the next level of luxe living for your dog. It's so paw-some, you may want to move in!

Stealthy Honest Kitchen Bike Ninjas Invade San Diego With Free Swag

Love free swag and dog food? Be on the lookout for The Honest Kitchen’s wily Bike Ninjas We can all agree that ninjas are pretty bad-ass. So what happe…

Spitfire The Whippet Believes He Can Fly [Video]

Ever wonder what it would be like to fly with four legs? Wonder no more, as an incredible Whippet named Spitfire will be happy to show you…and break r…

Let Your Pooch Strut Their Stuff in These Adorable Dog Leggings

Walkee Paws are dog booties reinvented in a way that ensures comfort and ease of use- all while making your pet look adorable as heck.

Global Pet Expo 2020 Day 1: For All The Furry Friends

Global Pet Expo is always an incredible event. We see old furry friends, meet new paw-some friends, and of course—find the best pet products around! We…

Survey Reveals Canines Are Our Closest Confidants- And the Surprising

An online survey conducted on behalf of Just Right by Purina revealed some unexpected facts about the bond between dogs and their owners.

Walkzee Kickstarter Wants To Pair Dogless Walkers With A Shelter Pooch

Who wants to go for walkies with shelter dogs? If you raised your hand, then this Kickstarter project is for you! With urban sprawl running rampant (and with…

Nikon’s Heartography Camera Turns Dogs Into Pup-arazzi [Video]

Coming soon (fingers crossed) – the Nikon dog-mounted Heartography 3D-printed camera case that snaps pics based on your dog’s heart rate. A ball…

Halloween Canine Costume Contest Shows There’s Bi-Paw-tisanship on C

Who says Congress can't agree on anything? A Republican Senator shows #bipawtisanship by sponsoring a Halloween Costume Contest for dogs (and their owners).

Pooch Perks the Norm in Taylor Morrison New Home Communities

Living the dream just got a little bit easier for our four-legged friends in new home communities that feature doggy amenities built right in.

Puppies Behind Bars: How Raising Service Dogs Changes Inmates

Dogs have the pawesome power to bring change when we least expect it. It's happening in Tennessee, where puppies are transforming the lives of inmates.

Google Photos Now Has Facial Image Recognition For Your Pets

Pets are the subject of our photos, and Google Photos is taking note, using artificial-intelligence algorithms to help identify dogs and cats easily.

2 Teen Inventors Pitch CollaRadar to TV’s America’s Greatest Maker

Two teens pitch their dog tracking and loss prevention system to the judges on America's Greatest Makers. Can they turn their dreams into a cool $1 million?

Rover Will Roll In Style In This Rolls Royce Concept Car

Posh pooches deserved to be chauffeured to the dog park in Niels van Roij’s Rolls Royce concept car. For those of you who are more into pooches than yo…

Creepy Pug Mask Talks When You Talk!

Filed under the weirdest stuff found on the web this week: Realistic animal masks with mouths that move when you talk. Freak out your dog with one!

Tractive 3G-GPS Keeps Tabs On Your Pet In Real Time

Losing your pet is terrifying. The Tractive, a 3G-based GPS tracker, will let you know where your dog is any and every time you want.

Deer-Chasing Doggo Taken Into Custody, Charged With Being Hilarious

A social media post about dog carted off in a police car after reports of him attacking deer has sent the Internet into fits of activism and giggles.

PetChatz Will Offer ‘Paw-Per-View’ by Streaming DOGTV

Leave the TV on to 'keep your pup company' when you leave the house? Now there's a channel that's just for them and it's combined with PetChatz.

Talking To Pets Makes You Crazy… Crazy Smart, That Is!

Does talking to our pets may make us a little quirky? No - in fact, not only is it a normal behavior, it also marks high intelligence in humans.

Canines Can Go Green With a Sustainable Dog House

The innovative green design of the home offers a lot of cool features for your pooch- but without any cost for Mother Nature.

DoggyBiome Kickstarter Cuts the Crap For a Healthier Life

There's a lot going on in your dog's gut. If you want to see how your pup's digestive system is working, you'll want to back the DoggyBiome Kickstarter.

Drug-Sniffing Canine Helps Homeless Shelters Fight Opioid Crisis

A dog's nose knows - and it knows how to help. Sadie the super sniffer is sticking her nose out to help a local homeless shelter keep illicit drugs out.

Lucy Pet’s Gnarly Crank’n K-9 Wave Maker Heads to Woofstock 2017

Surf's up at Woofstock 2017 as Lucy Pet leaves California and heads to Toronto to help Canuck canines hang ten in their Gnarly Crank'n K-9 Wave Maker.

Dog-Walking Drone Lets You Be As Lazy As You Wanna Be

What do you get when you put the responsibility of walking your dog together with a drone you fly remotely? Answer: The Laziest Pet Owner EVER.

Your Dog Will Have a Ball With the Pebby WiFi Toy

Play with your dog when you're not around with Pebby. Track, monitor, and play with your furbaby from wherever you by funding this cool Kickstarter.

What Time Is It? It’s Time To Get The ArtyA “Oh My Dog” Watch!

Time and art are perfectly combined in the ArtyA "Oh my dog" watch collection. Precious pooches are lovingly painted on one-of-a-kind luxury timepieces.

Ruff Royality Take to the Street for Mardi Gras’s Krewe Parade

It's Fat Tuesday, and we're ready to let the good times roll! And dogs got into the Mardi Gras spirit with a pooch parade led by a new Krewe Queen and King.

Quiz: What Dog Breed Do You Party Like During the Holiday Season?

We want to know what kind of party animal you are - take our quiz to find out what dog breed you party like when it comes to making merry.

Go Green: This Stylish Pet Bed Is Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

GEMMA bed is a comfy, chic bed for pets that's made entirely out of discarded plastic bottles. For each bed, 75-150 bottles are being recycled.

The Tails Of NYC RescueMen Calendar Is Pawsitively Fetching

Hunky men? Check. Precious pooches? Check. Cuddly kitties? Check. Good cause? Check. This calendar’s got it all. We’ll take one for every room of…

All Dogs, All the Time on Nat Geo’s WILD BarkFest Weekend

Time to tune into Nat Geo WILD and binge watch your favorite pooch-related TV show as the Second Annual BarkFest begins on April 15.

Timeout Photo Collection Captures Dogs’ Lament To The Cone Of Shame

How can a thin sheet of plastic cause so much humiliation (and laughter)? Take a closer look at the struggle through the lens of photographer Ty Foster. Bett…

Over-Protective Pet Parent Leaves Over-the-Top Pup Care Instructions

Because no one takes care of your pet like you do, a thoughtful dog parent left her nephew the most detailed of instructions when she went out of town. Tommy…

Barking in 2018 as the Year Of The Dog

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. PetGuide is celebrating all year long, but let's discover what this year has to offer.

Golden Retriever Showers New York With Handshakes and Hugs

A Golden Retriever named Loubie is making the streets of New York City a little happier, giving humans hugs and leaving them with big smiles on their faces.

Amazon Canada Reveals London Is the Most Pet-Pampering City

Canadians are showing their pet love with gifts- Amazon Canada's yearly list reveals that most generous pet parents live in London.

Shelter Dogs Strike a Vogue Pose For Their Adoption Profiles

From the pound to the limelight! Photographer Tammy Swarek's amazing work is helping shelter pets get noticed and adopted. #?ShelterPetsProject?

Bottom’s Up! Pour Your Pooch a Cold Bottom Sniffer Brew

Bet your bottom dollar that you've never heard of Bottom Sniffer Brew, a new non-alcohol beer that's just for dogs. Bottom's up!

Ancient Pet Cemetery Proves Egyptians Respected Their Family Fur Membe

An ancient pet cemetery has been discovered in Egypt, proving that even thousands of years ago, pets were respected as family members.

Karma Rescue Pairs Hurricane Harvey Shelter Dogs With Inmates To Help

Karma Rescue's program will take shelter dogs displaced from Hurricane Harvey and utilize prisoners to train them to help people with PTSD.

Good or Bad Idea: The World’s First Automatic Dog Washing Machine

This brightly colored dog washer promises to keep your dog in place and cleans your pooch from snout to tail. Um, no thanks, we'll pass...

Research Suggests Dogs’ Personalities May Change With Life Events

New research published in the Journal of Research in Personality suggests that a dog’s personality isn’t always the same, and much like their hum…

How You Can Help 13 Heroic Hounds Looking For Homes

13 four-legged heroes have returned from war, but they are looking to find their furever homes. Here's how you can help make that dream come true.

Earn Wellcoin Points, Buy Shelter Dogs A Healthy Meal

Now your healthy lifestyle can help hungry animals. With the Wellcoin app, log in your healthy choices and earn points that buy meals for shelter pets.

Petrics Launches a Free Health Tracking App for Pets

The smartphone app is at the core of the company's health-promoting ecosystem, that includes a smart pet bed and an activity tracker.

Bradley Cooper Cast His Own Dog in ‘A Star Is Born’

The adorable labradoodle felt right at home in the spotlight- so much so that he inspired PETA to award his dad with a Compassion in Film Award.

Scientists Reveal a Surprising Similarity Between Dogs and Humans

A study indicates that our canine companions have gut flora similar to ours. Here's how the findings could help nutritional research!

US Olympians Go For the Gold While Clearing the Shelters

Take a look at how these inspirational Olympic Stars are helping shelter pets all over the country find their forever homes!

Life’s a Beach For These Wave-Catching Pups!

While South Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, this little beach town takes, "Surf's Up!" to whole new level for charity!

‘Puptern’ Wanted: Texas Restaurant Will Pay You $100 an Hour to Pe

An unusual dog-friendly restaurant posted a job ad that went viral: their offer to employ someone to pet puppies inspired hundreds to apply.

You’re Cordially Invited To The First Dog’s Indoguration!

Next week will be historic for many reasons–one of which is the first-ever rescue pup to become the First Dog. That’s right, when President-elec…

New App Connects Dog Mamas to the Businesses That Welcome Them

A new app lets schedule fun meet-ups with your fellow Puppy Mamas, and rate businesses to advocate for a more pup-friendly world.

How to Create a Successful Pet-Friendly Office

Everyday can be "Bring your Dog to Work Day." Send this to your boss and set your workplace up for success with tips on how to create a pet-friendly office.

Good Sit Kickstarter Aims To Ease Owner Surrenders Through Education

Many dogs are surrendered due to "behavioral issues." The Good Sit program aims to help pet parents connect the right way with their adopted dog.