Want Fido to Be Your Coworker? Here Are the Best Dog-Friendly Companie

According to Rover's research, here are the companies that outdo the rest when it comes to their dog-friendly workplaces.

Grounds & Hounds Celebrates National Coffee Day With Perks for Ho

Grounds & Hounds Coffee is giving 20% of their proceeds to local dog charities, and has shared some yummy with us to get the blood(hounds) moving!

Panty-Stealing Pussy Prompts Hilarious Apology Letter

What do you do when a real-life cat burglar roams your 'hood? For a woman from Cardiff, England, you write hilarious apology letters and beg forgiveness!

Hilarious Family Contract Sets New Dog Boundaries

Sure, the kids say they'll help with the new dog before he comes home! This father crafted a written contract before allowing his kids to have a pet.

Ice-Skating Rescue Dog Melts Our Hearts

Four legs are apparently just as good as two when it comes to ice skating, and an adorable rescue dog is melting the ice (and our hearts!) as he proves it! C…

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs Concepts Lets Pups Live The Fur-Fabulous Life [Vi

Nissan has conceptualized the coolest car ever. It has us wagging our tails and begging for it to be brought to real life! Considering how many people are…

Raise A Pint To These Top Irish Dog Names

Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you, Pug? For St. Patty's Day, here are the top Irish dog names that will have you feeling luckier than a leprechaun!

Dog Helps His Humans By Grocery Shopping For Himself

A self-reliant pup in Brazil proves he's just trying to make things easy for his family by shopping for his meals and treats by himself!

Weiner Dogs Unite For an Pop Art Protest

An Australian artist uses a group of short-statured pups to symbolize the plight of the oppressed in his pop art protest.

Swedish Restaurant Introduces Doggie Menu

This Swedish restaurant has gone the extra mile by creating a menu designed with the four-legged canine connoisseur in mind.

An Idea We Like A Latte: Indiegogo Campaign For NYC Dog Café

I can have coffee and puppy kisses in one place? Please, take all my money! When I think of dogs in the Big Apple, I envision dog walkers being dragged throu…

Meet Mya the Pomsky, a Real-Life Firefox!

Mya the Pomsky is breaking the Internet, thanks to her owner posting a stunning image of the pooch. She looks just like the Firefox logo!

New Laundromat-Style Dog Wash Opens in Michigan

Now this is a really cool amenity! "The Lakeshore Pet Wash" is a new laundromat-style dog wash in located in a Ypsilanti, MI apartment complex.

Camera-Shy Dogs Get The Puparazzi Treatment With BarkCam App

You love taking pictures of your pooch. Now, how can you make that more fun? With the BarkCam app for iPhone! You'll be addicted to posting hilarious pics!

Audience Dog Program Helps Students Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Nipping anxiety in the bud, American University peppers the audience with dogs for business students who are practicing their public speaking skills.

Are You Losing Sleep Because of Your Pet? Use This Calculator to Find

It seems that being a pet parent has (at least) one shared woe with human parenthood: your fur baby is impacting the quality of your sleep.

The Global Dog Wants To Make Your Dog a Star

Social media app Global Dog lets dog lovers connect to each other and their dogs, and could make your dog the next social media star!

Clothing Brand Features Former Rescues to Raise Awareness for Furballs

In an effort to promote all the good work Blue Cross does for animals, Oasis, a UK clothing brand, decided to feature rescues on their newest clothing line.

New York’s Potential Dog Poop Problem Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

One blogger figures out what would happen if all New Yorkers decided not to Poop and Scoop Ahhhhh, the quiet calm and relaxation of a winter wonderland &ndas…

New Plant-Based Gel For Animals Stops Bleeding In Seconds

From minor cuts to major surgery, VETIGEL is the "Band-Aid of the Future." This fast-acting gel can stop bleeding in seconds, helping vets save pet's lives.

Unfortunate Name For a Dog Coffee ‘Perks’ Our Interest [Video]

A woman who created a dog coffee is having second thoughts after realizing the name 'Rooffee' sounds similar to the date-rape drug Rohypnol, or 'roofie'.

Indian Pup Pidi Gandhi Takes Over His Dad’s Political Twitter Accoun

Headline grabbing pets are huge, and Pidi, the dog of India's Congress Party Leader Rahul Gandhi, is the latest to steal the hearts of his countrymen!

Google Pets Turns Into a Bow-Wow Browser to Help Shelter Dogs

Life at the shelter can be lonely for dogs. That's why Google is bringing them into its offices for a day off to partner with lucky employees.

Adventure of a Lifetime: A Man and His Dog Ride 5,000 Miles Across Cou

The adorable mutt and her dad can't get enough of adventuring- the duo traveled over 5,000 miles on a cross-country bike ride.

Snapchat Makes The Holidays With New Lenses Just For Dogs

Talk about happy holidays! Now Snapchat lenses officially work on dogs and who doesn’t want to spend all day, every day filtering their furry friend? I…

4 New Varietals Find “Furrever” Home In Chateau La Paws Wines

Let's raise another glass and toast the four new varietals (for humans only!) that Chateau La Paws is adding to its collection. We give them four paws up!

Kitties and Purrsonality: Study Shows Cats Inherit Behavioral Traits F

The study revealed that not only that different breeds of cats have different behaviors, but also that those traits are highly heritable.

Blind Dog Doesn’t Let Disability Stop Her From Being a Service Dog

A little blind pup out of Wisconsin is proving that there's much she can do with some puppy power and perseverance - by becoming a service dog!

Here’s One Dog You’d Love To Have On Your Lawn

There’s a new pup in the town of Hamilton, Ontario, and he’s unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Meet Ralph, a 15-foot sage grass sculpture…

Kyoto Pug Cafe Offers Plenty of Perks!

Japan's on the leading edge of pet cafes. Check out this Pug Coffee House in Kyoto, where you can enjoy the perks of a cup of joe and a friendly Pug!

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Music Goes To The Dogs… of Hurricane Harve

Blink-182's Mark Hoppus has released a new song from the album Dog Songs, and all proceeds will go to the ASPCA, helping dogs displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Ancient Dogs Provide Clues About North America’s Early Inhabitants

Research digs up evidence on how the North American dog/human dynamic has changed over the centuries New research out of the University of Illinois is using…

Doggie Dining Takes A Trip Into Drive-Thru

It's a "Dog eat dog " world... and one entrepreneurial Dog Mama took that to heart. She opened Bane and Vader's, a healthy Doggy Drive-thru restaurant!

Graphic Design Student Creates Petflix Ads For Shows We’d Binge Watc

A Miami-based university student created a group of posters as part of an animal shelter campaign for a class assignment, and the final product has us wantin…

Utah Doggie Daycare Offers State-Of-The-Art Pool for Pups

Doggie Daycares are growing in amenities offered to canine clients, and one facility in Salt Lake, Utah offers an aquatic fitness center like no other.

Meghan Markle’s Royal Beagle Gets His Own Children’s Book

What happens when your life plays out like a literal fairytale? Well, you can read all about it an illustrated children's book about Guy the Beagle.

Sancho Paws Is Coming To Town… In a VW Van!

Therapy dogs are needed during the holidays to bring comfort to hospital patients. One little fella got all dolled up to deck the halls in a cool VW van.

Students Can Earn Their Mutt-i-Gress in New York City Schools

A new approach to education, schools in New York City are bringing in dogs to actively engage students and promote social and emotional competence.

Artist Adds Pets to Historical Paintings in Hyper Realistic Style

Animal lovers rejoice! Now your pet can go down in history AND add some super cool style to your interior space. We'll take one for every room, please.

Study Says That Pet Type Says A Lot About You

Being a dog, cat, bird or other kind of pet owner says a lot about you. Perhaps more than you expected - do any of these things ring true with you?

Food Trucks Are Going To The Dogs

Forget the local chip truck - the Food Truck craze has been taken to the next level. Don't be surprised to see dog food truck on your city streets soon.

TailsUp! App Helps Kids Get To The Bottom Of Animal Awareness

No “If’s, And’s or Butt’s” about it, your kids are gonna love this app! Not since “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” has…

This Adorable Pooch Makes Sure You’re Not Afraid of the Dentist

Meet Atkins, a beautiful Lab girl whose job is to take your fear of the dentist away- her dutties include hanging out in your lap and being cute.

Retirement Communities That Embrace Pets Becomes A Growing Trend

Seniors rock! From Yappy Hour to adoption events, retirement residences are attracting pet lovers with dog-centric activities and services.

#PuppyBra: Instagram Models Go Topless For A Good Cause

#Puppybra, Mowgli Rescue's new social media campaign, features Instagram models who switched their lingerie for pooches, and all for a good cause!

PupBox: The Perfect Holiday Gift For Puppies That Keeps On Delivering!

‘Tis the time of year, and we’ve found the perfect gift for new puppies. And for a limited time, get your first PupBox for only $1 with the code…

What Does Your Dog Breed Say About Your Wine Taste?

Using the American Kennel Club as a guide, we've come up with a quiz that tells you what kind of wine you'd like, based on your dog breed group preference.

Smoking Hot Australian Firefighters Calendar… Now With Puppies!

We're drooling for the Australian Firefighters Calendar. You can't go wrong with puppies and firefighters. They go together like... puppies and firefighters!

Your Pet’s Face Could Be Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s New Bumper Sticker!

NASCAR's pet loving fans will want to enter a contest that will plaster their pet on racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s speedster!

The Nose Knows! Study Finds Dogs Can Detect Heat With Their Noses

As if we didn’t already know how amazing a dog’s nose was, it turns out they’re even more incredible than we thought! Researchers have foun…

Glitter Balls: Pet Grooming’s New Trend?

Two Words: Glitter Balls. That’s what a couple of groomers are sharing in pictures of dogs who have had their testicles ‘glittered’ with sy…

Pups And Coffee Cups: Rescue Dogs While Enjoying Fair-Trade Coffee

A Kickstart project aims to open a café that caters to latte and dog lovers – it’s an adoption shelter and coffee bar all in one! A North…

It’s Dogs From Cover to Cover on These Adorbs Magazine Mockups

What would magazines look like if our furry friends could read? What would they want to see on the covers? These covers give us a pretty good idea!

Global Pet Expo Day 3: Until Next Year

Global Pet Expo Day three may be last day, but we certainly still found a ton of great pet products, pet parents, and of course–pets. After two days of…

Smile for Petco’s Pet Selfie App – It’s For a Great Cause!

If you love selfies, you're gonna love Petco's new app, Heads & Tails. It's perfect for fun selfie opportunities, and gives money to help animals in need.

Quarantine & Chill With Teddy The Dog During the “Pawdemic”

While the state of the world today makes our heads spin faster than a dog chasing his own tail, one hound of great renown is trying to lighten things up and…

Forget Roses! Animal Shelters’ Cuddlegrams Are Best Valentine’s Gi

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you want the best gift ever, check out ‘cuddlegrams’ with a shelter pet. Let’s fac…

German Shepherd Flunks Police Academy, Lands Cushy New Job

What happens when a pup isn't fit for police duty? This German Shepherd pup didn't have the right stuff to be a K9, but he's found himself a new gig!

Free Online Course For People Who Want To Get Inside Their Dog’s Hea

Duke University and Coursera team up to offer "Dog Emotion and Cognition," a web course that introduces humans to the science of dog psychology.

New Device Allows The Blind To Monitor Their Guide Dog

Still in its initial stages, this device allows people who are blind to monitor their guide dogs, lets keep tabs on the health of their canine companions.