It’s Dogs From Cover to Cover on These Adorbs Magazine Mockups

What would magazines look like if our furry friends could read? What would they want to see on the covers? These covers give us a pretty good idea!

Snuggle With Your Pet 24/7 In This Kangaroo Hoodie

For dogs who are attached at the hip (or in this case, your stomach), this hoodie will no doubt make them feel included as you work your day away.

Hunks and Hounds 2015 Is Basically The Best Calendar Ever

Precious pooches + hound lovin’ hotties? Where do we sign up?! Um, somebody call the fire department, because it’s getting a little hot in here&h…

French Bulldogs: What You Need To Know Before You Adopt

The French Bulldog is now #2 on AKC list of most popular breeds. Why have they become so popular and what are the pitfalls of owning one?

Utah Doggie Daycare Offers State-Of-The-Art Pool for Pups

Doggie Daycares are growing in amenities offered to canine clients, and one facility in Salt Lake, Utah offers an aquatic fitness center like no other.

Quiz: Can You Guess The Working Breed?

You may think your dog is the best leg humper, but let's face it - that's aren't real jobs! Can you guess what day jobs these 10 dog breeds are hired for?

Halloween Canine Costume Contest Shows There’s Bi-Paw-tisanship on C

Who says Congress can't agree on anything? A Republican Senator shows #bipawtisanship by sponsoring a Halloween Costume Contest for dogs (and their owners).

Husky Chills Out In Ice Machine To The Beat Dog Days Of Summer [Video]

The video of a Siberian Husky chilling in an ice machine proves that there's more than one way to beat the summer heat.

2 Humans + 8 Dogs = 1 Big Custom Bed

A NY couple knows that there's nothing like your dog comfy-cozy in your bed, but add eight and it's a challenge. Custom-made bed to the rescue!

Here’s What Happens When the Poop Hits the Roomba

What happens when a Roomba zooms over dog poop? We found this harrowing tale of a "Poopacylpse," to be the stuff that dramatic comedies are made of!

Survey: Many Dog Owners Consider Themselves ‘Helicopter Parents’

A new survey found that 6 in 10 dog owners said they loved and cared for their pets so much they considered themselves ‘helicopter parents’.NOW…

Doggos Looking For Love On Tinder Want You To Swipe Right! [Video]

Shelter dogs are looking for love in all the wrong places. Animal Ark Rescue decided make Tinder profiles for their pooches in hopes of making a match.

Little Girl Walks Her Big Dog, Internet Loses Its S@#t

A little girl in Niagara Falls, New York and her disabled canine best friend have broken the interwebs with their adorableness!

Raise A Pint To These Top Irish Dog Names

Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you, Pug? For St. Patty's Day, here are the top Irish dog names that will have you feeling luckier than a leprechaun!

Quiz: What Dog Breed Do You Party Like During the Holiday Season?

We want to know what kind of party animal you are - take our quiz to find out what dog breed you party like when it comes to making merry.

Rover Will Roll In Style In This Rolls Royce Concept Car

Posh pooches deserved to be chauffeured to the dog park in Niels van Roij’s Rolls Royce concept car. For those of you who are more into pooches than yo…

Meet Furbo, the World’s First Treat-Tossing Dog Camera

Yay gadgets! Innovation, where would we be without you? We'd like to thank you for Furbo, a treat-tossing dog camera that's being funded on Indiegogo.

Rescue Dog Travels the World In Pooch-Perfect Renovated Van

Now this is how you take a road trip! A UK woman converted her van to be the ultimate canine RV so she could travel with her rescued Labradoodle.

Beagle’s Freedom Ride Gratitude Goes Viral

It's been said that a dog's eyes speak a thousand words, but for a rescue dog who was nearly euthanized, we think his breakout picture speaks millions.

Trader Joe’s Will Sell Treat-FIlled Advent Calendars for Dogs

What better way to get your pooch into the holiday mood than with delicious treats? Trader Joe's delighted pawrents with an advent calendar for dogs.

Audience Dog Program Helps Students Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Nipping anxiety in the bud, American University peppers the audience with dogs for business students who are practicing their public speaking skills.

New Google Feature Turns Pet Photos Into Movies

Did you know, Google have added a secret feature that finds your pet photos and makes them into a clip called "Doggie Movie"?

It’s Official: The Puphaus Ensures Your Dog’s Digs Are Better Than

Offering modern and minimalist design, this maintenance-free den is the next level of luxe living for your dog. It's so paw-some, you may want to move in!

Good Boy Helps His Human When She’s Locked Out Of House

A very good boy helped unlock the door for his human when she was locked out of her house, proving dogs really are the best security systems!

Weiner Dogs Unite For an Pop Art Protest

An Australian artist uses a group of short-statured pups to symbolize the plight of the oppressed in his pop art protest.

Sony’s Robotic Dog Gets 4 Paws Up at CES

Sony's robotic dog, Aibo, is making all kinds of new friends at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and proves that you can teach a robotic dog new tricks!

New Plant-Based Gel For Animals Stops Bleeding In Seconds

From minor cuts to major surgery, VETIGEL is the "Band-Aid of the Future." This fast-acting gel can stop bleeding in seconds, helping vets save pet's lives.

Inupathy Harness Displays How Your Dog Feels In a Rainbow of Colors

This harness calculates how your dog feels by analyzing your dog's heart rate variability and lights up in red, blue, white or rainbow colors.

Too Cute for Words: Golden Retriever Max Is the Official Mayor of a Ca

Meet the adorable Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller II, a 5-year-old Golden Retriever that's proud to be the official mayor of Idyllwild, California.

Your Pet’s Face Could Be Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s New Bumper Sticker!

NASCAR's pet loving fans will want to enter a contest that will plaster their pet on racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s speedster!

Canine Cleaning: Doggie Mops To The Rescue!

The Japanese are pros at making all things cute: phone cases, bento boxes, and anime. And now, cute comes to cleaning with delightful little Puli mop!

BounceBack Botanicals: Our “Best In Show” From Global Pet Expo 201

Global Pet Expo 2017 was full of amazing natural products. It was hard to choose just one, but BounceBack Botanicals from Pawflex was a standout.

The Queen and Her Corgis Hold Court on Vanity Fair Cover

In honor of her 90th birthday, Vanity Fair featured British monarch Queen Elizabeth and her pooches on its latest cover. Royal paw wave!

Proof Of Why You Need To Fall In Puppy Love This Valentine’s Day

Nothing says love like a colorful infographic about the affection we have for our four-legged friends The hallmark holiday of the year is this weekend, and w…

Top 10 Dirty Dog Contest Makeovers Revealed

Wahl Pet Products teamed up with to prove that beauty really doesn’t have to be skin deep–and that there’s nothing like a m…

Online Retailer’s Customer Service Department Understands Pet Loss

Out to prove that businesses aren't faceless, an online pet store is reminding its subscribers that they feel their pain when a furry family member passes.

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs Concepts Lets Pups Live The Fur-Fabulous Life [Vi

Nissan has conceptualized the coolest car ever. It has us wagging our tails and begging for it to be brought to real life! Considering how many people are…

New York Goes to the Dogs With Spot, a 38-foot Statue of a Dalmatian

The impressive Dalmatian located in front of a children's hospital- hopefully, its cheerful appearance will offer a lighthearted welcome to tiny patients.

Spitfire The Whippet Believes He Can Fly [Video]

Ever wonder what it would be like to fly with four legs? Wonder no more, as an incredible Whippet named Spitfire will be happy to show you…and break r…

Something New: Puppies the Spotlight at North Carolina Couple’s Wedd

Giving back on their special day, a North Carolina couple decided to spread their love by showcasing puppy love and shelter awareness as they tied the knot.

New Build-A-Bear App Inspires Kids To Adopt-A-Pet

Children can build adorable virtual pets, learn how to take care of them and support animals in need with the new (and free!) Build-A-Bear app. Forget the pi…

Amazon’s 6,000 Furry Employees Enjoy Pawesome Perks at Work

At the world's largest internet company, every day is bring-your-dog-to-work day, and the four-legged employees love every minute of it.

Love Takes Flight as Homeless Dog Patiently Waits For Air Attendant

This is a made-for-TV love story if we've ever heard one! A homeless dog met his true love outside of a hotel - and he waited for her until she adopted him.

This Cool Startup Promises a Solution for Guilty Pet Parents

Pupple's innovative tech lets you keep an eye on your precious pooch while you're away- and makes it a fun experience for them, too.

Kickstarter Slow Feeder Endeavors to Restore Harmony in Your Pack

The Fluffy Paws Germ-repellent Slow Feeder might be a bit of a mouthful, but it will help your dogs eat in peace and without making a mess.

Let Your Pooch Strut Their Stuff in These Adorable Dog Leggings

Walkee Paws are dog booties reinvented in a way that ensures comfort and ease of use- all while making your pet look adorable as heck.

Glitter Balls: Pet Grooming’s New Trend?

Two Words: Glitter Balls. That’s what a couple of groomers are sharing in pictures of dogs who have had their testicles ‘glittered’ with sy…

High-Tech Buddy Collar Shines LED Light On Your Dog’s Health And Muc

Sophisticated enough for spies but made for the average dog, Buddy Collar’s Kickstarter campaign is on a mission to raise funds for its collar that tra…

VetPronto Is Like Uber, But For Sick Pets

Get the vet to make house calls? Trust us; your pets will thank you. This might be the most ingenious thing we’ve seen in a long time. Just like Uber a…

The Global Dog Wants To Make Your Dog a Star

Social media app Global Dog lets dog lovers connect to each other and their dogs, and could make your dog the next social media star!

Dogs Trust Wants You To Give Socks, Not Dogs This Holiday Season

A staggering amount of adopted dogs are returned after the Christmas holidays. Dogs Trust wants to help educate gift givers to this heartbreaking problem.

Survey: We’d Rather Have Pet-Related Perks Than Pets in the Workplac

Paid pet bereavement and time off to care for pets are more important than allowing pets in the workplace, according to recent survey results.

New York’s Potential Dog Poop Problem Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

One blogger figures out what would happen if all New Yorkers decided not to Poop and Scoop Ahhhhh, the quiet calm and relaxation of a winter wonderland &ndas…

New Social Media Network Wants to Help Obese Pets Lose Weight

CareCorrals, an interactive web tool that acts as a virtual community, hopes to promote better health in pets by encouraging and supporting pet owners.

Your Outdoor Adventures Can Help the ASPCA, Thanks to Subaru and REI

Subaru of America has partnered with REI to encourage people to explore the great outdoors with their pets. Post a picture, and they'll donate to the ASPCA.

Cancer Survivor Finds New BFF With Three-Legged Dog

All the tissues were needed at a Sacramento, California pet adoption, where two friends in similar situations became forever family.

PetMOJI-fy Your Furry Friend With “The Secret Lives of Pets”

Ever wondered what your pet would look like as a cartoon character? The PetMOJI Creator helps you reimagine your pet for the silver screen.

Paby 3G Smart Tracker Keeps Your Pet Safe And Fit!

Paby lets you know where your pet is in real-time, monitors step, calories burned, and lets you use your network data instead of subscription services!

Doggie Dining Takes A Trip Into Drive-Thru

It's a "Dog eat dog " world... and one entrepreneurial Dog Mama took that to heart. She opened Bane and Vader's, a healthy Doggy Drive-thru restaurant!

The Holidays Are Here… And So Are Puppy Scams

Did you know that the holidays are a time for puppy scams? In fact, according to a report from, California is the state with the most repor…