Say “Bacon” – FLEXY PAW Mobile Attachment Snaps Awesome Pet Self

Getting the perfect pic of your pet isn't easy. But with the FLEXY PAW attachment, you'll be able to fill your Facebook feed with tons of amazing shots!

Service Dog Gets Caught Up in “Cats” and Joins Cast On Stage

A service dog decided to join Broadway's spectacular hit, "Cats," in a New York theater, prompting many to wonder if it's time to let pooches on the stage.

Kickstarter Squatting Dog Figurine a Modern “Objet D’fart”

Is it wrong that I’m going to fund the creation of a Squatting Dog figurine? Looking for that conversation piece that’ll tie your décor to…

Golden Retriever Flower Girl Steals The Limelight at Her Mama’s Wedd

A wedding in Chicago had a very special flower girl, and the bride said that not including her in the wedding was never an option.

New Social Media Network Wants to Help Obese Pets Lose Weight

CareCorrals, an interactive web tool that acts as a virtual community, hopes to promote better health in pets by encouraging and supporting pet owners.

Bottom’s Up! Pour Your Pooch a Cold Bottom Sniffer Brew

Bet your bottom dollar that you've never heard of Bottom Sniffer Brew, a new non-alcohol beer that's just for dogs. Bottom's up!

Story of Airport Service Dog’s Retirement Party Gives Us Wings!

A loyal canine employee at a Florida airport has been given the retirement party of a lifetime after several years of hard work and faithful service.

KoolDog Indoor Dog House Perfect For Condo Living

Designed to blend into you home dcor, the KoolDog aint your backyard, DIY indoor dog house. A comfortable indoor dog house for your pet that's stylish.

Let Your Pooch Strut Their Stuff in These Adorable Dog Leggings

Walkee Paws are dog booties reinvented in a way that ensures comfort and ease of use- all while making your pet look adorable as heck.

New Study Shows Surprising Effect of Pet Ownership on Seniors

You’ve probably noticed how your four-legged bestie influences your mood for the better, but did you know that your pet might be beneficial to your brain?

Would You Try This Peanut Butter Plastic Head Wrap To Clip Your Dog’

A nurse's genius hack for using a peanut butter head wrap to clip her dog's nails has gone viral and we're all about to try it ourselves!

Dogs and Joggers Pound the Pavement for Fitness and Forever Homes

Austin Pets Alive! and a local running group have teamed up to create RuffTail Runners, a program that pairs runners with an energetic shelter dog

Neurological Study Reveals Powerful Effect Petting Dogs Has On Brain

Petting a pooch sure feels nice, but did you know that petting a dog causes increased prefrontal brain activity? A new study by a team of scientists published at PLOS sheds some light on how interacting with our canine friends affects our brains.

WeRateDogs Raises Money for Doggos in Need. 12/10 Good Job!

Matt Nelson created one of the funniest Twitter accounts eva--WeRateDogs. Here's how he used his wonky rating system to raise over $100,000.

Grounds & Hounds Celebrates National Coffee Day With Perks for Ho

Grounds & Hounds Coffee is giving 20% of their proceeds to local dog charities, and has shared some yummy with us to get the blood(hounds) moving!

PetChatz Will Offer ‘Paw-Per-View’ by Streaming DOGTV

Leave the TV on to 'keep your pup company' when you leave the house? Now there's a channel that's just for them and it's combined with PetChatz.

Stealthy Honest Kitchen Bike Ninjas Invade San Diego With Free Swag

Love free swag and dog food? Be on the lookout for The Honest Kitchen’s wily Bike Ninjas We can all agree that ninjas are pretty bad-ass. So what happe…

Pestnostics’ At-Home Urine Test Alerts You to Common Pet Illnesses

Low-cost and easy to use, the Petnostic at-home urine test will keep you informed if your pet is suffering from a common illness.

These Are America’s Pet-Friendliest Companies of 2018

According to Wellness Natural Pet Food, here is a list of top 10 pet-friendly companies who offer numerous perks for their staff's furry companion.

From Rescue To Runway: Cavalier Newest Model For Designer Karen Walker

Puppy mill rescue Toast is now a fetching model, looking too cool for training school in designer sunglasses The reality behind that puppy in the window &nda…

Retirement Communities That Embrace Pets Becomes A Growing Trend

Seniors rock! From Yappy Hour to adoption events, retirement residences are attracting pet lovers with dog-centric activities and services.

Global Pet Expo 2020 Day 1: For All The Furry Friends

Global Pet Expo is always an incredible event. We see old furry friends, meet new paw-some friends, and of course—find the best pet products around! We…

Ford’s Noise-Cancelling Kennel Helps Pooches Feel Safe During Firewo

The world-renowned automaker released the Quiet Kennel as a part of their Interventions campaign- and pet parents all over are loving it.

Karma, the Dental Therapy Dog, Will Make You Smile!

A little Chihuahua-mix named Karma gives dental patients in San Francisco proof that some love and cuddles can make even the scariest of times much better.

Dogs Are Marvel Superheroes And Villains In Awesome Illustration Serie

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… pug? Illustrator Josh Lynch gives pups a superhero (or supervillain) makeover in this awesome new…

This US Map Reveals Which States Prefers Dogs Over Cats And Vice Versa

The numbers tell us that Arkansas is the state that has the most dog lovers in the entire country - around 48% of its residents own a dog according to Zippia. A stark contrast is Massachusetts, with just 24% of its residents owning a pooch.

Meet Furbo, the World’s First Treat-Tossing Dog Camera

Yay gadgets! Innovation, where would we be without you? We'd like to thank you for Furbo, a treat-tossing dog camera that's being funded on Indiegogo.

Quiz: Can You Guess the Doodle?

A doodle or poo refers to a dog mix that contains poodle - standard, miniature or toy. Can you match the picture with the right doodle name?

Life’s a Beach For These Wave-Catching Pups!

While South Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, this little beach town takes, "Surf's Up!" to whole new level for charity!

The Tails Of NYC RescueMen Calendar Is Pawsitively Fetching

Hunky men? Check. Precious pooches? Check. Cuddly kitties? Check. Good cause? Check. This calendar’s got it all. We’ll take one for every room of…

Quiz: Can You Guess The Breed By Its Tail?

Every dog has a different tale to tell. But when it comes to a dog's tail, can you pick out one breed's wag from another? Take our dog tail quiz!

Here’s What Happens When the Poop Hits the Roomba

What happens when a Roomba zooms over dog poop? We found this harrowing tale of a "Poopacylpse," to be the stuff that dramatic comedies are made of!

Shelters Will Use Facial Recognition Technology to Reunite Owners With

The sophisticated software, Finding Rover, will analyze the uploaded photo of your pet against shelter databases and look for a match.

Get Your Giving Tuesday Puppy Fix With Live Puppycam

It’s Giving Tuesday and we’ve found the best thing on the Internet: Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s live Puppycam. Trust us, you’re not…

Breeder Connect: The Ethical Way To Connect And Find Your Perfect Bree

In this day and age, life seems to be all about the app. There’s an app for just about everything, and let’s be honest–they do make things easier! That was t…

Quiz: Do You ‘Nose’ Your Dog Breed Nose?

Nose to nose, can you name the breeds behind these 10 butt sniffers? Test your dog "nose"-ledge, and let's find out if you're right on the nose!

An Idea We Like A Latte: Indiegogo Campaign For NYC Dog Café

I can have coffee and puppy kisses in one place? Please, take all my money! When I think of dogs in the Big Apple, I envision dog walkers being dragged throu…

Science Weighs In: Do Cats Or Dogs Make People Happiest?

It’s an age-old question: Do cats or dogs make people happiest? Dog people of course remind you that a dog is a (wo)man’s best friend. Cat peopl…

Qoobo Makes a Cheeky New Pussy Pillow [Video]

Want all the furry tail-wagging, without all the fur flying? The Qoobo pillow is guaranteed to make you feel like you've a live cat there in your lap!

Treats More Likely to Get Your Dog's Attention Than Calling Their Name

It’s no secret that treats are the favorite thing in the world for most pets, but did you know that their love for yummies is so strong that they even react to the very word treat? A new study showed that it’s much likelier for a dog to respond to their owner by saying the word treat than by calling out their name.

Hilarious Cartoons Depict Our Relationship With Pets

Illustrator Sarah Andersen knows the hold the pets have over us. We bet some of these common pet types will look familiar!

Special Shelter Pittie Gives Canine Comfort To Cancer Patients

There's something special about shelter dogs. A pitbull rescued from a shelter in Baltimore shows love and gratitude those suffering from cancer.

Science Proves Humans Are Defenceless Against The Power Of Puppy Dog E

Can’t. Resist. Must give in to puppy dog eyes! Researchers prove that those sad eyes set off a chemical reaction in humans that make us love them (so j…

Talking To Pets Makes You Crazy… Crazy Smart, That Is!

Does talking to our pets may make us a little quirky? No - in fact, not only is it a normal behavior, it also marks high intelligence in humans.

Drug That Could Extend Lifespan of Senior Dogs Enters Clinical Trial

A new and revolutionary drug that could possibly extend the lifespan of healthy, senior dogs, is now entering a major clinical trial. It also has a first patient - an 11-year-old Whippet named Boo.

The Coolest (Or Warmest) Pet House You’ve Ever Seen

We want to keep our pets as comfy as they can be. This new climate-controlled pet house has super cool technology that offers the perfect lounging place.

A Step Up: Awesome House Has Little Staircase Just For Dogs

Do we own our dogs, or do our dogs own us? We can't be sure, but we can say that this house has gone to the dogs, with a custom staircase just for pups.

Scoop on Poop: Experts Reveal the Secret Stinky Stats

According to the data gathered by, their dog walkers pick up about 9,000 poops a day, which equals about 2,000 pounds of waste on a daily basis.

Gus Kenworthy Rescues Another Puppy From Korea

Olympic skier and all-around amazing human Gus Kenworthy has adopted a new puppy into their family, just months after his beloved puppy Beemo died of a heart…

Quiz: Can You Guess The Working Breed?

You may think your dog is the best leg humper, but let's face it - that's aren't real jobs! Can you guess what day jobs these 10 dog breeds are hired for?

Tractive 3G-GPS Keeps Tabs On Your Pet In Real Time

Losing your pet is terrifying. The Tractive, a 3G-based GPS tracker, will let you know where your dog is any and every time you want.

Cesar Millan Reads to Your Dog While You’re Out, Thanks to Audible

Reading is fun-damental... for dogs! Cesar Millan won't be whispering to your dog, he'll be reading to him, with Audible's latest offering to pet parents.

Snuggle With Your Pet 24/7 In This Kangaroo Hoodie

For dogs who are attached at the hip (or in this case, your stomach), this hoodie will no doubt make them feel included as you work your day away.

This Farm Offers Cuddle Sessions With A Pack Of Adorable Goldens

This family-run farm launched a special Golden Retriever Experience – a one-hour session allows guests to enjoy refreshments such as cider and snacks, all in the company of a huge group of cuddly golden retrievers called “happy”.

Slobbr App Helps Dog Owners Explore More Destinations With Their Pooch

This new discovery app by Slobbr will have you pawsitively drooling at the great big world that's available for you and your pooch to explore.

Sony’s Robotic Dog Gets 4 Paws Up at CES

Sony's robotic dog, Aibo, is making all kinds of new friends at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and proves that you can teach a robotic dog new tricks!

Golden Retriever Pup Proves Green is the New Gold

"It's not easy being green," especially if you're a Golden Retriever puppy! And no, it's no Kermit the Frog joke--this pooch was born green!

Is One Human Year Equal to 7 Canine Years? Debunking the Dog Age Myth

If you want to calculate your dog's age relative to yours, you'll need to consider one important factor that will completely change the equation.

Survey: Over 50% of Pet Owners to Take Their Pet Trick or Treating

According to a survey that Wag! conducted with the help of over 1,000 cat and dog owners across the United States, 59% of them are planning on taking their kitty or pooch trick or treating with them.

Dog Chapel In Vermont Honors Bond Between Dogs and Humans

Created by late artist and children's author Stephen Huneck, this chapel celebrates the special relationships and bonds we have with our dogs.