Hunks and Hounds Pose for 2017 Rescue Men Calendar

Rescue Men...bringing new meaning to the word "Superhero!" These inspirational humanitarians pose with their adopted dogs for 12 months of hot dates!

DoggyBiome Kickstarter Cuts the Crap For a Healthier Life

There's a lot going on in your dog's gut. If you want to see how your pup's digestive system is working, you'll want to back the DoggyBiome Kickstarter.

YaDoggie Promises Pet Wellness With Smart Scoop Technology

YaDoggie is a new food and treat company out of Santa Cruz, California, that promises to put pet wellness first and offers cool predictive shipping!

Study Shows Your Dog Is Listening to You Even When They’re Sleeping

A small pilot study that was conducted on 13 dogs revealed that even when in deep slumber, a dog’s brain can still light up in response to human voices and the sounds of other canines - just like when they are wide awake.

Kitties and Purrsonality: Study Shows Cats Inherit Behavioral Traits F

The study revealed that not only that different breeds of cats have different behaviors, but also that those traits are highly heritable.

Dog Chapel In Vermont Honors Bond Between Dogs and Humans

Created by late artist and children's author Stephen Huneck, this chapel celebrates the special relationships and bonds we have with our dogs.

“MuttCracker” Princess Pig Pirouettes On Stage For Charity

The Birmingham Ballet's MuttCracker stars Pig the fairy princess, and helps raise money for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

Jack Meower and Kanye Westie Make 2016’s Wackiest Pet Names List

Forget Fido and Rover. How about McLoven and Shakespurr? The Wackiest Pet Names of 2016 List is out and guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!

Newfies Bring The Christmas Spirit (and Trees!) on Pennsylvania Farm

Move over Rudolph! There are some new dogs in a Pennsylvania town, and they're all about pulling sleds--full of Christmas trees!

Lucy Pet’s Gnarly Crank’n K-9 Wave Maker Heads to Woofstock 2017

Surf's up at Woofstock 2017 as Lucy Pet leaves California and heads to Toronto to help Canuck canines hang ten in their Gnarly Crank'n K-9 Wave Maker.

Do Dogs Hold Grudges?

We know that elephants never forget, but what about dogs? Do they stay mad or do they forgive and forget? Let's see if dogs hold grudges.

Futuristic Pet Tech Helps Ease Inflammation and Pain in Small Animals

This innovative product is a collaboration between Sleepypod and Assisi Animal Health and it promises to make life better for pets in pain.

Rescue Dog Travels the World In Pooch-Perfect Renovated Van

Now this is how you take a road trip! A UK woman converted her van to be the ultimate canine RV so she could travel with her rescued Labradoodle.

Loyal Pup Won’t Leave His Injured Dad’s Side

A loyal rescued dog refused to leave his human's side after the man fell from a tree. The comforting pictures of what happened next will melt your heart.

Jaguar Releases an Exclusive Line of Pet Products Perfect for Pampered

Just in time for Christmas, the luxury vehicle brand announced their new premium accessory range intended for the man's best friend.

Global Pet Expo 2019 Day 1: A Whole Lot Of Awesome

Global Pet Expo is the biggest collection of pet people you’ll find. We’re here and the first day’s worth of awesome has been full of adora…

Hilarious #SnootChallenge Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

There’s a new challenge floating around in the Twitterverse, and it has dogs showing how adorable they are as they attempt to put their best snoots for…

New Art Exhibit Designed Just for Artsy-Fartsy Dogs

These modern and interactive art exhibits in London prove that bipeds are not the only ones who enjoy culture and artistic genius!

Pets Get Designer Digs on Animal Planet's New Show "Animal Cribs"

Designer and animal lover Antonio Ballatore stars in "Animal Cribs," a new show on Animal Planet that puts pooches into the swankiest dog houses!

New App Connects Dog Mamas to the Businesses That Welcome Them

A new app lets schedule fun meet-ups with your fellow Puppy Mamas, and rate businesses to advocate for a more pup-friendly world.

Here’s One Dog You’d Love To Have On Your Lawn

There’s a new pup in the town of Hamilton, Ontario, and he’s unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Meet Ralph, a 15-foot sage grass sculpture…

Yes, This $30K Samsung Dream Doghouse Is Necessary [Video]

It’s about time! A “techno-pad” designed to meet Rover’s both real and imagined needs is nicer than ours. Electronics manufacturer Sa…

Veterinarians Make FaceTime House Calls Using New “Vet On Demand”

The next best thing to a vet coming to your house on-demand has to be the "Vet On Demand" app. It's an easy way to get remote, FaceTime veterinary advice.

Dogs May Have Been Man’s Best Friend For More Than 27,000 Years

Researchers have found that the bond between man and dogs may go back anywhere from 27,000 to 40,000 years. They still love their packs, often bay at the moo…

Science Weighs In: Do Cats Or Dogs Make People Happiest?

It’s an age-old question: Do cats or dogs make people happiest? Dog people of course remind you that a dog is a (wo)man’s best friend. Cat peopl…

Global Pet Expo 2020 Day 1: For All The Furry Friends

Global Pet Expo is always an incredible event. We see old furry friends, meet new paw-some friends, and of course—find the best pet products around! We…

Dog-Walking Drone Lets You Be As Lazy As You Wanna Be

What do you get when you put the responsibility of walking your dog together with a drone you fly remotely? Answer: The Laziest Pet Owner EVER.

US Olympians Go For the Gold While Clearing the Shelters

Take a look at how these inspirational Olympic Stars are helping shelter pets all over the country find their forever homes!

Hilarious Family Contract Sets New Dog Boundaries

Sure, the kids say they'll help with the new dog before he comes home! This father crafted a written contract before allowing his kids to have a pet.

New York’s Potential Dog Poop Problem Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

One blogger figures out what would happen if all New Yorkers decided not to Poop and Scoop Ahhhhh, the quiet calm and relaxation of a winter wonderland &ndas…

Officer McGruff The Crime Dog Can’t Catch a Break in New Geico Ad [V

Geico has tickled the doggy-lover's funny bone once again, featuring Officer McGruff the Crime Dog getting a bit of good-natured ribbing by his colleagues.

Good Boy Helps His Human When She’s Locked Out Of House

A very good boy helped unlock the door for his human when she was locked out of her house, proving dogs really are the best security systems!

Canine Investigators on the Trail of Amelia Earhart

There are a lot of things scent dogs are trained to do, and researchers are hoping that one of them will be finding the remains of aviator Amelia Earhart!

Wrap-Up of Global Pet Expo 2017 Day 1: Too. Much. Awesome!

The first day of the Global Pet Expo has been amazing! Way cool products, adorable puppies–so.much.fantabulous! It’s a hard-knock life for this p…

PoundWishes Offers Rescues a New Tool for Fundraising

Animal rescues have their own fundraising website, thanks to PoundWishes. This site makes donations super simple - from a single pet to an entire shelter!

It’s Impossible To Get Mad At This Mud-Loving Puppy!

An adorable bulldog named Rose plays mischievously in mud and then tears through the house! The video’s gone viral with nearly 5 million views in as ma…

Study: You Can Sniff Out Your Dog By Smell

It’s not new information that our dogs’ sniffers are pretty incredible and they have the ability to sniff out everything from new lotion we wear…

Survey: Over 50% of Pet Owners to Take Their Pet Trick or Treating

According to a survey that Wag! conducted with the help of over 1,000 cat and dog owners across the United States, 59% of them are planning on taking their kitty or pooch trick or treating with them.

Weiner Dogs Unite For an Pop Art Protest

An Australian artist uses a group of short-statured pups to symbolize the plight of the oppressed in his pop art protest.

Follow Your Pet Around When You’re Not There With The VAVA Pet Cam

The first-ever mobile pet kit has been released, and we love how it lets you hang with your pet, wherever he is, no matter where you are! Award-winning techn…

Golden Retriever Showers New York With Handshakes and Hugs

A Golden Retriever named Loubie is making the streets of New York City a little happier, giving humans hugs and leaving them with big smiles on their faces.

Art Has Gone To the Dogs (and Cats) in These Awesome Playing Cards

John Littleboy's "Pack of Dog" playing cards are a viral phenomenon. These fun cards let dogs and cats be part of your winning hand!

Meet Mya the Pomsky, a Real-Life Firefox!

Mya the Pomsky is breaking the Internet, thanks to her owner posting a stunning image of the pooch. She looks just like the Firefox logo!

A Motorcycle Ride to Raise Money for Pets? Yes Please.

Hogs 4 Paws is looking to put the FUN back in fundraising. Join them with their 2nd Annual Rescue Ride for Animals in Denton, Texas this May!

The Hipster Harness Is Here to Help Heal Your Dog’s Hip Dysplasia

Not only will this amazing harness help with your pooch’s hip dysplasia, but it’ll also make your pooch look like a super cool robo-dog! If you h…

Dogs Are Wondering Where Their Humans Went in New #WhatTheFluffChallen

Peek-a-boo has taken on a new meaning with a Twitter challenge that's got dogs wondering where the heck their human has gone - #WhatTheFluffChallenge.

Make a Local Doggy Play Date With the BarkHappy App

Does your dog need a buddy - there's an app for that! If you have trouble trying to find a dog that connects with your pooch, BarkHappy may be the answer.

PetMOJI-fy Your Furry Friend With “The Secret Lives of Pets”

Ever wondered what your pet would look like as a cartoon character? The PetMOJI Creator helps you reimagine your pet for the silver screen.

Sony’s Robotic Dog Gets 4 Paws Up at CES

Sony's robotic dog, Aibo, is making all kinds of new friends at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and proves that you can teach a robotic dog new tricks!

Stray Dog Caught Shoplifting Clothes In a Hilarious Security Cam Video

In a shopping mall in Istanbul, Turkey, security cameras have caught a cheeky four-legged shoplifter stealing garments on multiple occasions.

“Sleepbus” Gives Homeless Humans And Pets a Place To Sleep

A revolutionary idea out of Australia is helping give the homeless a safe space for themselves and their pets— and the good news is, you can help, too.

Quiz: Do You Know Your Dog Meme?

From Nyan Cat and Confession Bear, to Dramatic Chipmunk and Grumpy Cat, animals are a part of meme culture. Can you name these 10 popular dog-themed memes?

Study: Dogs Listen To What We Say And How We Say It

Our pooches like to pretend they don’t hear us, but the jig is up — turns out our dogs really DO listen to what we say Sometimes you have to wond…

Share A Cuppa With Your Pet at Hotel DeLuxe’s Tea Service

Do you have a posh pooch or an aristocat? Treat them to Afternoon Tea service at the Hotel deLuxe, complete with pet-friendly herbal teas and tasty treats.

Over-Protective Pet Parent Leaves Over-the-Top Pup Care Instructions

Because no one takes care of your pet like you do, a thoughtful dog parent left her nephew the most detailed of instructions when she went out of town. Tommy…

Roadie App Helps Canine Cancer Patients Get to Vet Appointments

Roadie, the first On-The-Way Delivery Network, has partnered with the National Canine Cancer Foundation to provide pet parents relief when their pup has canc…

Meet Furbo, the World’s First Treat-Tossing Dog Camera

Yay gadgets! Innovation, where would we be without you? We'd like to thank you for Furbo, a treat-tossing dog camera that's being funded on Indiegogo.

Study Finds That Classical Music Calms Kennel Dogs

Pump up the tunes. Music soothes the stressed-out beast… or in this case, an anxious pooch. Whoever said “music hath charms to sooth the savage…

Timeout Photo Collection Captures Dogs’ Lament To The Cone Of Shame

How can a thin sheet of plastic cause so much humiliation (and laughter)? Take a closer look at the struggle through the lens of photographer Ty Foster. Bett…

Music That’s Made Just for Dogs Helps Anxiety and Depression

Music made for pooches! "Songs for Dogs and the People who Love them" hopes to ease your dog's mind by filling your home with tail-wagging tunes.