10 Ridiculously Awkward Pet Portraits

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Have you been tagged in an unsightly photograph in Facebook? If you thought your pictures were cringe-worthy, take a look at these ridiculous pet pictures… you’ll feel much better.

1. MerCat

All hail Queen FlippyFur, the fairest pussy in the land- er, sea!

(Photo Credit: TheFrisky)

2. Romantic Mooning

Wow, honey, I didn’t know you could see Uranus so clearly during the day!

(Photo Credit: Reddit)

3. Freeze Frame

What do you mean, look natural? I always look like this!

(Photo Credit: AwkardFamilyPhotos )

4. Eyes of the Tiger

I would totally swipe right on this Tinder profile pic.

(Photo Credit: Imgur)

5. All in the Family

Good looks run in this family.

(Photo Credit: Imgur)

6. Best Friends Forever

When the Pug Life goes too far.

7. Hyperspeed

At that rate, derp dog is about to break the sound barrier!

(Photo Credit: Reddit)

8. Holiday Pets

And on this day, the parrot and rabbit world collided…and this awkward AF photo was forever burned in their memories.

(Photo Credit: Buzzfeed)

9. Larger Than Life

The girl looks just as miserable and annoyed as the pooch on her lap, however the dog in the background is happy.

(Photo Credit: AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com)

10. Super Puss

Happiness is having a stable income, a warm home…and taking a photo with multiple kittens while shirtless. We salute thee, sir!

(Photo Credit: Imgur )

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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