12 Pets Who Can’t Even This Halloween

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Halloween – you know your pet is over it when you get “the look.” If you don’t know the Halloween stink eye, take a gander at the looks we’ve collected below.

One of the most fun parts of Halloween, when you’re a pet parent, is getting to dress up your pet. From clever costumes to ideas for twinning, there’s plenty of ways for your pet to look the part for the spookiest day of the year. Your four-legged companion doesn’t have to wear the costume for the day if it’s not comfortable for them, of course- even a few minutes to get some snaps of the hilarious attire is enough. And after the costume is off you face the consequences in the form of pouting (or threat to your life if you try to dress up a cat). That is, unless you’re armed with a generous amount of treats to say you’re sorry for being a pain in your pet’s butt. Fave treats will smooth everything over in no time.

It’s a shame that our four-legged besties don’t always share our enthusiasm. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to have some fun with their less-than-positive attitude towards Halloween costumes. Just check out these adorable pictures of pets that are regretting the day they got adopted by their pawrents- and try not to snicker, giggle, or laugh at least one of them. I dare you.

1. Caturkey

One look at those icy blue eyes and you can see that all the cat’s thinking about is -I’ll gobble, gobble your face while you’re sleeping, you ass. And who’s to blame the poor kitty? Making him put on a costume was a slap in the face by itself, but dressing a feline predator as dinner is an insult, you silly hooman.

2. The shame is strong in this one

Dear pawrents, just because you’re geeks doesn’t mean I have to suffer for it. Sincerely, Fido. I mean, just look at those accusing eyes- don’t they say it all?

3. Rawr?

Well, gee, thanks mom- now I look like I’m being devoured by a woolly mammoth. You better have some snacks ready to make it up for this debacle.


Funny, you said. Amused, I am not. Nerdy pawrents strike again, but fail miserably in their choice of costume: after all, we all know kitties are on the Dark Side.

5. Leeloo

Multipass? Sure, your pooch might be the Supreme Being of the Universe in your eyes, but this Leeloo costume should stay in the 90s.

6. Robber

First they steal your heart, then they steal your moolah. I mean how freaking adorable is this Guinea pig? It just goes to show that we can harass all kinds of pets with Halloween costumes and not just cats and dogs.

7. Snail

One look at this picture and you just know that this cat is going to knock over some stuff to get her revenge on the dorky hooman who embarrassed her with this Garry the Snail costume.

8. Lobster

I’m not mad, I’m just…disappointed.

9. Matador

Yeah, this costume totally makes sense, because we all know that Poodles come from.. Spain. Good job, hooman.

10. Nick Furry

I will Avenge my honor.

11. Boston Walrus

Human, I regret my decision of accepting this costume. Get it off me. NOW.

12. Llama put this right here…

Two words: You’re welcome

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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