2016 Global Pet Expo Pet Product Wrap Up

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Roughly, the trade show is about the size of 13 football fields… which means there’s a lot of ground to cover and a seemingly endless array of pet products to browse.

I wanted to wrap up this year’s show with a few amazing finds that grabbed my attention as I made my way from one end of the convention center (and back again… about 30 times!).


Pipolli Dog Teepee from Piggy & Polly

I can haz this Pipolli Dog Teepee from Piggy & Polly?

Sturdi Products XXL SturdiBag

Have Corgi, will travel, in Sturdi Products’ XXL SturdiBag. Corgi not included.

Dr. Catsby Feline Remedies Bowl

If your cat suffers from Whisker Stress or Fatigue, the Dr. Catsby Feline Remedies Bowl will be a dinner game changer.

Simply Fido Trendy Tub Dog and Cat Houses

Oh la la! All the way from France, Simply Fido’s Trendy Tub Dog and Cat Houses are handcrafted and made with recycled industrial tubs.

Tall Tails Plush Stuffed Fish

Gone fishin’… with Tall Tails Plush Stuffed Fish.

Boo the Pomeranian pet line

Boo the Pomeranian has his own line of adorable toys, clothes and pillows – brought to you by the ambassadors of squee, Jakks Pacific.

Petnostics at-home urine test

A bit of pee can tell you a lot about your dog’s health. Petnostics’ at-home urine test was a standout for its ease of use and affordability.


Neon LitterAnd speaking about pee, this is the perfect product for cats who live to rave. Turn up the techno and fill your kitty litter tray with Neon Litter.

Trapper Dog Hats from Woolrich

A way-back throwback, I picked this one out for the old school pet parents. I love these Trapper Dog Hats from Woolrich. The Woolrich collection includes a hearty array of woodsy classics, brought to you by PM&J.

P.L.A.Y. Scout collection

Pop a pup tent with P.L.A.Y.’s new Scout collection. This outdoor line comes with a dog tent, chill pad, travel bowl, toys and training pouch. This begs the age-old question: If you’re fashionable in the forest… how will anyone know how fabulously you camp?

Love Thy Beast Shearling Pet Tote

It was awesome to see Love Thy Beast with a new collection of pet carriers. I don’t go anywhere without the original tote, but the ab-fab Shearling Pet Tote may get me to change it up.

Katris Modular Cat Scratching designs

Are you a cat owner who’s addicted to Tetris? Katris’ Modular Cat Scratching designs let you arrange your cat-scratch-friendly furniture any way you want. From a quirky coffee table, to a wonderful wine holder, to a contemporary cat tree, Katris turns your living room into home décor with limitless possibilities and fun!