AllPaws App Wants To Help You Find Your Perfect Pet Match

Christina Peden
by Christina Peden
Tinder, Schminder! The new AllPaws app is here to set you up with the pet of your dreams.

There are so many pets out there looking for their fur-ever homes. AllPaws is out to make the matching process easier than ever with their newly released mobile app.

AllPaws launched their website in January of this year as a competitor to, which was bought out by Nestle Purina in 2013. Both are For-Profit organizations, with the goal of finding rescue dogs a permanent home. While AllPaws founder Darrell Lerner believes that PetFinder does amazing work, he also thinks there’s an opportunity to take a more “fresh and modern approach.”

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The company launched their mobile app just this week in response to the success of their website.

Lerner got his start in the online dating world: he previously cofounded AYI, a Facebook dating app, which was incredibly successful. Given this, it’s little wonder that AllPaws bears many of the hallmarks of your typical online dating experience.

In much the same way that a dating app allows you to filter potential dates by specific criteria, AllPaws allows you to sort through potential pets in a number of ways, such as breed, size, energy level, coat length and special needs.

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You can receive matches according to which pets are closest to you geographically, which pets are the most shared, and which have the most favorites. (This is social media, after all.)

Also included is a messaging tool, so you can get in touch with shelters and rescues directly through the app.

Right now, there are more than 200,000 listings of animals — from dogs, cats, horses, birds and sheep all the way to reptiles — just waiting to be adopted.

AllPaws sounds like a great tool for searching for the perfect pet on-the-go. You probably don’t want to use your work computer to scour pet listings (as cute as they may be!), but you could totally use the app on your lunch break as a quick and easy way to find your new furry friend.

If you have special requirements, like needing a hypo-allergenic dog or one that weighs less than 30lbs (for instance, many condos don’t allow dogs larger than this), you’ll be able to see just the pooches that fit your needs. This way, if you’re, say, allergic to dander, you won’t fall in love with a Golden Retriever; you’ll be matched with a poodle instead.

Right now, the AllPaws app is only available for iPhone, but hopefully it will be coming to Android phones soon!

Anything that helps more animals find loving homes gets two thumbs up from us. What about you, would you use an app to search for your perfect pet?

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Christina Peden
Christina Peden

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