This Amazing Cat Lady Teaches Responsible Pet Ownership To School Kids

Erica Callais Falbaum is the founder of the nonprofit organization PEP, which stands for Pet Education Project. A self professed crazy cat lady, Erica’s mission is to educate children worldwide about good pet ownership.

With her fun workshops, and the help of her own fur-babies Erica Callais Falbaum teaches kids about how to respect and take care of their pets responsibly – this is the driving message behind her non-profit Pet Education Project. She’s also keen to spread the message of neutering pets so less animals end up in shelters.

Her hope is, that in teaching kids when they are young, in a exciting and entertaining way, they’ll be gaining knowledge that will stay with them for life. That way, when they grow up and get pets of their own, they’ll remember what they learnt. They’ll adopt pets, have them neutered and give them a great life, eventually passing these important skills onto their own children.

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Erica’s background is in the film industry, and she certainly puts on a good show for the kids. She visits schools, but she also makes videos and does live broadcasts. On her PEP YouTube channel, you’ll find some great videos you can watch with your own children (r why not suggest a showing to your kid’s school?).

Serious issues such as pet neglect and abuse are tackled in a manner that is suitable for kids, but brings the message home that taking good care of our pets is incredibly important. Erica sees this as a great way to help bring about a cultural change.

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The kids involved are known as the PEP! Squad, and they know it’s cool to do everything they can to give their pets a fantastic and happy life.

Hopefully her good work will go a long way towards reducing the number of pets that end up in animal shelters each year, and the knowledge she spreads continues to spread for many generations to come.

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