Bradley Cooper Cast His Own Dog in ‘A Star Is Born’

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Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s new movie, A Star Is Born, has been stealing all the headlines and garnering attention, both from the audience and the critics. However, while their performances are undeniably stellar, it’s not only Cooper and Gaga who deserve all the praise. A certain furry, four-legged actor has stolen as many hearts as his more famous human colleagues. But, while the acting skills and good looks of the movie’s main canine actors are indisputable, they’re not what earned him the coveted role. It was his dad- Bradley Cooper, the star and the director of the movie.



The actor jokingly commented that there was no nepotism involved in the casting, though. He simply wanted to share the experience with his furry bestie and felt like no one could portray the role of better than his own beloved pet.



The adorable Labradoodle made a cameo appearance in the movie but somehow managed to steal the spotlight from his dad. Well- almost managed. His performance was so moving, though, that he even earned the movie its first award- way before any of the humans. PETA awarded its inaugural Compassion in Film Award to Bradley Cooper. The reason? The animal-loving people of the organization were impressed that his dad steered clear of the dubious animal suppliers that work in Hollywood and gave his own pet a chance to shine. Not only that Charlie was much more comfortable on set because he was with his dad (and being spoiled by celebs, too boot), but Cooper also spared some poor pooch a lot of trouble by choosing to cast his dog.

It’s no secret that Cooper is a big lover of dogs. The famous Hollywood actor previously had two rescues he adopted from a shelter, a German shorthaired pointer named Samson and a Chow Retriever mix called Charlotte. Charlie is his first dog that will have an acting career, though- and who knows, he might be the first dog that steals the Oscar right from under his dad’s feet! A star is born, indeed.