Brands Are Cashing In On Millennial’s ‘Fur Baby’ Trend

Pets are ‘starter children’ say 44% of millennials. This is a great opportunity for brands to cash in on our love of pets, selling high-end products for our beloved fur babies.

These days, adults in the age range of 20-36 are getting married later in life, and having children later too. Their lives are focused on work, having fun and of course… pets!

However, these pets are more than simply a fluffy friend, they are substitute children and millennials are not ashamed to admit this. Pets are great practice for the children you may have in later life. You learn to look after a pet that totally relies on you. It teaches you responsibility, and it’s an opportunity to have that love in your life that pet ownership brings, without taking that big step into parenthood.

Half of all Americans in their 30s own a cat and three-quarters own a dog

This treatment of pets as substitute kids has brought about a huge increase in demand for quality pet products and more options when it comes to choice of pet products. Millennials are seeking out pet food that is organic and natural. They want toys that entertain and amuse their pets. They want the most stylish pet beds and accessories.

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Where once people of this age would be spending their money on children, they are now lavishing it on their pets. It’s a huge market and it’s one that brands are making the most of. Companies are tuning in to these new requirements and filling the market with a whole new range of luxurious pet supplies.

Convenience is also a big factor. There is a growing demand for pet products that make pet ownership easier, and of course the online market is thriving as we can order our pet supplies over the Internet and have it delivered to our door. Eliminating the inconvenience of carrying heavy bags of cat litter or pet food from the store.

3 out of 4 millennials are more likely to make an extravagant purchase for their pets than for themselves.

People are spending more time researching the best products for their pets. When you view your pets as your children, it makes total sense. You want the best for them. You want them to be happy, healthy and safe.

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It’s great that people are showing this trend towards treating pets as part of the family and giving them the best. Well, having a pet is pretty much like having a kid in many ways, they’re just that bit more fluffy!

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