Check Out the Adorable All-Stars of Animal Planet’s Dog Bowl Game

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The first Dog Bowl game, put on by Animal Planet, has announced its teams and rosters, but we want to know–do you even care about the human Super Bowl?

Let’s be honest. You’re down to the final two teams playing in the Super Bowl and if it’s not one of yours (and what are the odds unless you’re a Patriots or Giants fan?) do you really care who is playing? Or are you munching on that seven-layer bean dip while you watch for the commercials and to critique the halftime show? C’mon, you know you are!

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Unless… you’re the dog lovers we know you are. Then what you’re really waiting for is the Puppy Bowl, and this year, the brand new adult pooch version, the Dog Bowl. Animal Planet has announced the Dog Bowl lineups for Teams Paws and Tails and we have to say–both groups are looking pretty sharp!

The Dog Bowl will feature 50 dogs from 15 shelters, and will debut on February 3, the day before the Super Bowl. Best of luck to all the bark-ticipants!

Nanook and Scruffles look ready to rumble!

Neena and Kody will give Team Paws their all!

Rex and Romy will represent Team Tails with honor and pride. And maybe some nibbling on the ball!

Dolly and Snowball have pledged allegiance to Team Tails, but they’d be happy to go home with YOU!

Bond and Apollo can’t promise there won’t be any ‘ruffing’ of the other players on the field!

Slate is ready to bring Team Paws to victory while Papa says to bring on the bone!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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