Chicago Comfort Dogs Head to Orlando Following Tragedy

Christina Peden
by Christina Peden
Sometimes, there’s nothing like the comfort of an animal when we’re at our lowest. And right now, Orlando needs all the support it can get.

The events that took place in Orlando in the early hours of Sunday morning were an unspeakable tragedy. And often times when we’re grieving, there are no words that can provide comfort or solace. But, if you’ve been lucky enough to spend time around a pet, you know that sometimes they can give a certain kind of unconditional love and comfort that goes beyond all words.

That’s why a team of comfort dogs, all Golden Retrievers, flew with their handlers from Chicago to Orlando yesterday, to be with families and survivors of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub.

Tim Hetzner, who heads up Comfort Dog Ministries, says that the dogs take on the painful emotions that people are experiencing, giving them a safe place to express their hurt and grief.

So far, the team of 12 dogs and 19 handlers have made visits to local counselling centres. They will also be spending time with families affected by the tragedy and heading to area hospitals to provide comfort to recovering victims and first responders.

The dogs will stay on in Orlando for at least a week, but maybe longer depending on what the community needs.

To see how the comfort dogs are already making a difference to those on the ground, check out the news report below.

[Source: ABC7 Chicago]

Christina Peden
Christina Peden

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