Crusoe The Dachshund’s Next Tour Stop Could Be Your City

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Internet sensation Crusoe the Dachshund is on his “No Bite is Right” campaign tour and their next location stop could be near you!

Experts have said that this year, ticks and mosquitoes are on the rise due of a variety of factors including precipitation levels, population density and temperature. Ticks and mosquitoes (and not to mention fleas) can transmit diseases such as heartworm, anaplasmosis and Lyme disease.

Thankfully, it is possible to prevent these diseases from transferring altogether and Crusoe the miniature Dachshund is on a mission to make sure everyone is aware of their options with their “No Bite Is Right” tour. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Crusoe is a New York Times Bestselller with his book “Adventures of The Wiener Dog Extraordinaire – Crusoe, The Celebrity Dachshund”. Crusoe is putting his fame to good use by educating the public about flea and tick prevention, his next stop being none other than his second home in Toronto on May 4.

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According to Crusoe, there are a few ways you can go about preventing the bite. First off, you should talk to your local veterinarian about the best brands of flea mosquito prevention products, as there are many available on store shelves that can keep your pooch safe from these bites. The product kills the flea/tick on contact with their fur so if they die, they can’t bite! Protecting your pet will reduce the risk of Lyme disease, anemia and flea allergy dermatitis.

If somehow the flea/mosquito does bite, use the best product to ensure your dog is treated. Once again, there are a myriad of these available in your local store, but they aren’t all the same. Do your research and find out which one is best for your pet.

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When it comes to ticks, there are some treatments which are orally administered to your pet. These are referred to as “systemic products”, and they only work to kill the tick once your dog has already been bitten. If you can find the tick on your pooch, remove them with tweezers firmly and in an upwards motion to remove them, then save them in a sealed container for your veterinarian to identify. That way, they can know what health risks your dog is at-risk for and can recommend a preventative product that kills ticks on contact.

Crusoe will be at Jack Darling Park in Mississauga, Ontario (just on the outskirts of Toronto), where his managers and owners Ryan and Lauren will be talking about the campaign and educating park-goers to the dangers of these pests and how to prevent them. Of course, Crusoe will be readily available to meet his fans and take plenty of pictures with them (because who can resist taking a photo with such a photogenic pooch?!)

Although Toronto is Crusoe’s last official stop, voters are urged to go online and vote for where they want Crusoe’s last stop to be, so it could be your city! The contest closes in just a few days, so head on over to their website to vote for Crusoe to visit your city!

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