Cute Video Explains The Science Of 21st Century Dogs

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
The best way to learn about science is by watching cartoons (well, that’s what we think!). So sit back and watch this cute video about what makes dogs cool.

We love our pooches. We love their goofy ways, their quiet devotion, and let’s face it, the fact they think it’s pretty cool to just hang out with us. And we love learning new tidbits about them, so it’s a good thing we stumbled on this video that draws out a bunch of cool facts about our furry BFFs.

In “The Science of Dogs” video, brought to us by the fun and smart people at AsapSCIENCE, there are a lot of science-y things we should know about our pooches. Did you know that dogs curl up to preserve heat and protect body parts from predators? Or canines have inherited the ability to interpret human body language from their descendants? It’s true! Rover can read your signals and can even pick up on subtle changes in your body language – such as the difference between how you get up from the sofa when you’re headed to the kitchen versus headed to the door to take him for a walk. He’s learned to read you.

And if you’re a single guy, you’ll want to know that you’re three times more likely to get a girl’s phone number if you have a dog. All this and much more is revealed in the video – be sure to watch it below and astound your friends with your brilliant knowledge of all things dogs.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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