Day 3: Bring Your Shark To Work Day

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It’s a good thing I met with HR yesterday – BTW, we got the butt scooting misunderstanding all cleared up. I’m brought up my plans for “Hump Day” activities, and let’s just say for dogs, that moniker is awkwardly misleading. That’s why I decided to go another route and give the office a jump-start with my super scary shark hat. Nobody messes with a dog in a shark hat…

Day 3

Except my mom. Ha, ha, very funny.

Day 3-1

No. Really guys. Hilarious. I’m laughing on the inside.

Day 3-2

See – now this guy in the Sales Department gets it. After all, aren’t all salespeople sharks? (*Insert ba-dum-dum drum here.)

Day 3-3

Selfies! I love selfies… especially shark selfies! You’d better believe this pic is going viral. I can see the headline now… “2 Girls Attacked By Shark While Taking Selfies.”

Day 3-4

OMD! I can’t believe we wore the same thing today. TWINSIES! Girl, you sure know how to wear that hat – Work it! And look… it’s a selfie within a selfie. Whoa!

Day 3-5

Until tomorrow, I leave you with this – a picture of a chicken riding a dog wearing a shark hat.

Day 3-6

Catch up on my whole work week – here’s what I did Monday and Tuesday.