It’s a Dog’s World: Artist Paints 345 Dog Breeds Onto a Map

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Lili Chin drew Dogs of the World, a map slightly modified to showcase our planet’s most wondrous sight: pooches. Each of the 345 dog breeds she painted was placed in their country of origin, which makes for a cute, puppy-filled world map any dog lover would love to hang on their wall! Seriously, just look how amazing it looks framed:

The Dogs of the World map is the ideal centerpiece for a pet parent's living room!

You can see a zoomable version of the map on the artist’s website to try and find if your four-legged baby was featured. In case your furbaby wasn’t among the pictured breeds, you might have more luck with the 2nd edition of the map that’s in the works that will include even more doggos- the artist is now taking preorders. Of course, if you’re in love with Chin’s canine-inspired cartography but don’t have the perfect place to put a print up, you can get her Dogs of the World map in the form of a jigsaw puzzle, as well.

She also takes commissions for pet portraits, so you can immortalize your precious pet in the form of a cute illustration. Also, this is the best option for pawrents who have an adorable mutt or a cat, but still want a pretty print they can frame and hang.

If it weren’t obvious by now, the LA-based-artist is a big dog lover and a pet parent herself. Although I have to say her Dog of the World map is absolutely pawesome, I wonder if there’s any feline version of the map in the making? I know I’d like to see the continents flooded by kitties, too! (Only in print, no sinister feline world domination conspiracies to see here.)