Family Dog Digs up $85K Worth of Heroin in Oregon Backyard

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A Golden Retriever lives the “COPS” dream, and became an honorary narcotics dog when he dug up nearly $90,000 of contraband heroin in the backyard.

In McMinnville, Oregon, a family dog has become the talk of the town, and an honorary Narcotics dog on the local police force for life! Eighteen-month old golden retriever Kenyon was doing what golden retriever puppies like to do in back yards…dig and explore. He pulled up a container that his family thought was a time capsule and excitedly looked inside to see what goodies awaited. They began videoing the process for posterity.

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And what a video they made! They realized the ‘time capsule’ Kenyon found was instead a container of drugs, which police officials deemed to be about $85,000 of black tar heroin! Tim Svenson is Yamhill County’s Sheriff and said the dog found over 15 ounces of the drug, and a hefty haul for even the most trained of narcotics dogs!

Sheriff Svenson said that his community was seeing a rise in opioid addiction and deaths due to overdose and Kenyon’s find was a big dent in removing the abhorrent heroin from their community. Doing such a great deed for the county brought upon recognition for Kenyon in the form of a ribbon and being named an honorary narcotics dog for life.

Just goes to show that dogs may have more purpose in digging than we give them credit for! Great job, Kenyon!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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