Fort McMurray Pet Owners Need Help After Wildfires Rage Through City

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
Forced to leave their pets behind because of raging wild fires, the pet parents of Fort McMurray are frantic with worry for their furry loved ones.

You may not have heard of a place called Fort McMurray – it’s a city in Alberta, Canada, that’s making the news due to the spread of wild fires in their neck of the woods. Over 80,000 residents have been forced to leave their homes, and for those who had to leave their pets behind, they’re frantic for information on how and where they are.

Before you ask how anyone could leave their pet behind, keep in mind that the evacuation was sudden – many could only make it out with the clothes on their backs. Even though shelters and buses allow for pets, the evacuation was so fast, there just wasn’t any time. There wasn’t even the choice to stay behind, as Mounties ordered people to leave their homes for their own safety.

Horses were turned loose. House pets were left with a few days of food and water. Pet parents are beside themselves with worry, trying to glean information about the pets they left behind. They’ve taken to social media, asking for help. And animal rescue agencies are finding it hard to assist them because of the evacuation order.

As of this story’s publication, the local authorities don’t seem to have a plan to help the stranded animals. But volunteers from around the province are offering up their homes to take in animals, offering a safe haven with food, water and shelter for animals.

If you can help with a donation (kennels, food, supplies, money, a place to stay), or you’re looking for help for a pet you left behind, please visit the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society Facebook page or their website to fill out an animal assistance form. Fort McMurray pet owners can also call the SPCA at 780-743-8997.

[Source: The Star]

UPDATE 05/06: Working with first responders, fire fighters are actively recovering pets from Fort McMurray and transporting them south to temporary shelters.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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