German Shepherd and Orphaned Moose Become Fast Friends

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
An odd couple is giving the Internet all the feels as an orphaned moose and a shepherd named Leo became fast friends in Wallagrass, Maine.

They say opposites attract–and while we’re not sure the opposite of a dog is a moose, we are sure that it’s an odd pair! Shannon Lugdon lives in Wallagrass, Maine and said that a baby moose wandered into her backyard, whining for her mama early in the morning. Lugdon had two wardens come by and they intervened with the moose’s attempts to head for a local highway.

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The trio led the moose to a brook in the shade nearby and then the wardens told Lugdon it was best to leave the moose alone, as babies were often left during the day so the mamas can eat, drink and rest. The wardens told Lugdon that it’s rare to find an actually abandoned moose.

But that seemed to be the case, as Lugdon found the 25-pound newborn the next day. She’d peeked outside and hadn’t seen her but when her shepherd Leo went out for his necessaries, he sniffed the moose, affectionately called “Maggie,” out in some shaded foliage.

Lugdon and her family are promoters of outdoor adventures in northern Maine, and she said that immediately, Maggie became sweet on Leo. Lugdon said the baby was super affectionate with Leo, and posted pictures on her Facebook account showing how Maggie wasn’t just snuggly with Leo, but the whole family, and really anyone who ventured near.

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A local vet advised Ludgon on what to feed Maggie (Lactaid–moose don’t handle lactose) and the wardens believe that because the baby was alone and so needy for such a long time, it truly probably was abandoned by her mother. The good news is that she not only found a new bff in Leo, but she was picked up by biologists who took her to Maine Wildlife Park. There, she’ll be able to live among her moose buddies as she was supposed to.

Looking at these pictures, though…something tells us she’s not going to forget her first friend Leo.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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