Global Pet Expo 2019 Day 1: A Whole Lot Of Awesome

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Global Pet Expo never disappoints in trusted names and faces pet parents love, as well as new products that make us drool. The new product showcase had a handful of new, innovative must-haves for pets like the new iKuddle Smart Litter Box that will be available on Indiegogo in April. Talk about smart pet products, this box self-cleans, has tons of auto functions that can be operated with mobile devices, and it even monitors your kitty’s health.

We always find ourselves mesmerized by the aquatic area, but can you blame us with these fascinating glow fish?GLobal Pet Expo Day one had great stuff!


We met some true American heroes and learned about how our Veterans continue to give back to our country. James Hayes is a U.S. vet who created a durable ball for his service dog Barrett, and proceeds from The Barrett Ball go back to the very organization who paired him with James. Talk about people helping pets help other people.Disabled vet gives profits of the Barrett Ball to Dogs4Warriors


And check out this super cool, foldable, paint-it-yourself dog crate. Imagine how fun it would be to introduce a new (or old! Seniors need adoption too!) puppy into your family, and giving her a personalized crate to call her own.

This DIY crate is foldable and allows you to customize


Of course, it’s Global, so we loved on some puppy dogs. We love how rescue groups like The Pixel Fund are able to show off dogs who are looking for their forever homes, and what better place than a conference center full of people gaga for furry family members?The Global Pet Expo had dogs for adoption


Speaking of puppy dogs, we got to meet Ginger, the Chief Tasting Officer of Vermont Dog Eats and her human parents Elisa and Vance Kiviranna. They shared with us how their philosophy of sourcing as many local and organic ingredients as they can brings good dog eats and health, and allow dogs to eat from farm to dog bowl too!

Ginger was the Chief Tasting Officer for Vermont Dog Eats

By the end of the day, we won’t lie; our dogs were barking but it was worth it for all the people we met, products we saw and of course….pets we got to pet! Can’t wait for tomorrow!