Global Pet Expo Debuts The Catwise Cafe Tour

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Best-selling author Pam Johnson teams with Wellness Natural Pet Foods to bring meals to shelter cats and help cat parents better understand their cats.

Best Selling Author Pam Johnson-Bennett is chatting it up here at the Global Pet Expo, promoting her new book CatWise–a best seller that answers 150 most-asked cat question.

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The expo is the first stop for Johnson-Bennett, who answers questions like why cats like to lick their human’s hair or how to get one’s husband to like the new cat. (She’s that good!)

Johnson-Bennett has spent the last thirty years as a cat behavior consultant and is has written other best sellers like Think Like a Cat and Cat vs. Cat, and we’ve been able to sit at the guru’s feet, so to speak, as she’s shared her most favorite tricks and tips from her book. She’s used her own education and experience and combined it with the most common questions cat parents.

After the expo is over, she’ll hit up seven fabulous cat cafes to share her book while she helps raise money for local shelters. Sponsored by Wellness Natural Pet Foods, other stops along the way will help fulfill the Cat Cafe Tour mission, which is to give back to animals in need. While Johnson-Bennett is on tour, Wellness Natural Pet Food will donate 1000 meals to the local Animal League to give them natural nutrition as they wait for their forever homes.

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Wellness Natural Pet Food senior marketing manager Chandra Leary-Coutu says that teaming up with Johnson-Bennett is a great opportunity to help cat parents all over the country better understand their cats’ preferences and behavior, especially when it comes to meals.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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