Golden Retriever Has Feline Buddy’s Back In Cat Fight

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A hilarious video of a dog seemingly breaking up a fight between two cats has gone viral and just goes to show how important a wing dog can be for everyone!

A video posted by Twitter user Gaml .y has the Interwebs cracking up over a good boy being a best bud to his kitty cat pal.

good boy doesn't let a fight break out 😀👌

— Gaml .y (@m_yosry2012) August 10, 2018

Though there is no real explanation given for the situation and circumstances, it doesn’t take much for pet lovers to know just what is going on: two cats were about to break it down and the ever-loyal golden retriever friend of one of the kittehs was not going to let that happen on his watch!

The comments were *almost* as funny as the original video, and even included some human remakes that we probably all can relate to!

Thankful for good friends. 😂🥃

— Vlipsy 🔊 (@VlipsyApp) August 10, 2018


— Thoughts Of Cat (@ThoughtsOfCat2) August 10, 2018

The video shows another golden in the background, and when his furry friend pulls their kitty ward away, he seems to give off a little chin fluff as if to say, “Now get outta here, you stinking cat!”

You can just hear the dialogue in your head, can’t you? “Dude, it’s not worth it…let’s just all cool off!”

Just goes to show that Golden Retrievers really are lovers and not fighters. And they want all their pals to be the same!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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