Green Power Goes Brown With Dog Poo Poo Powered Appliances

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Poop, scoop and power up! A concept project is in the works that will convert dog poop into power that runs your household appliances.

For those who pooh-pooh the idea of new, off-the-wall technologies that support green power… boy, have I got one for you!

With U.K.’s recent introduction of a BioBus that converts human waste into sufficient energy to power a commuter bus for 15 minute intervals, it was inevitable that some dog walker, somewhere in the world, would add number two plus number two and come up with a better way to dispose of doggie doo (so many crappy poop jokes!).

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I mean, which of us have not wondered if Rover’s rump could one day power up the coffee maker or the toaster. Not you? Well, hang on to your leash!

Geneva-based designer and pet parent Oceane Izard has created Poo Poo Power. While still in the conceptual stages, it seems to deliver on its promise to convert dog poop into electricity sufficient to charge household gadgets.

The actual dream machine resembles a Diaper Genie in terms of size and scale. The poop – previously collected into a bio-degradable bag – is deposited into the top of the machine and lots of little sounds tell us its busy doing something with Fido’s feces.

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Apparently sludge-eating bacteria belch out methane that is converted to power. The electricity is stored in large batteries which can be detached and used as an outlet for household appliances.

Be honest. Around now you’re wondering if your dog has it in him to power up the dishwasher. Well, Izard confirms the amount of power it produces depends on the dog. A German Shepherd produces more “fuel” than a beagle, which would mean the smaller dog could probably run a fan for a couple of hours while the shepherd could potentially run your fridge. It’s estimated the average household would need six to seven (well fed, I assume) dogs per person to operate all electrical equipment.

Izard is convinced it will change pet owner attitudes when it comes to sidewalk clean up. “Dog owners pick up their dog turds every day. This is certainly an ordeal. That’s why there’s so much in the streets. But with this machine, people will want to bring [home] this precious gift that their dogs do one to two times a day.” It seems San Francisco agrees (almost) and considered a pilot of this nature back in 2006, but it never shall we say… got off the ground.

It’s estimated that in the U.S., dogs produce around 10 million tons of poop each year, and most of that waste goes to landfill – where it pumps methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Dog waste also pollutes watersheds; a study in Seattle found that as much as 20 percent of bacteria in local water came from dogs.

This interesting take on “clean” energy has potential, but will people be able to get over the fact that their home is powered by dog poop? Would you ever power up with poop? Leave your comments below!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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