Handler Shows Pics, Video of “A Dog’s Purpose” Pooch Actor Hercu

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Another video of “A Dog’s Purpose,” starring dog actor Hercules has surfaced. This time, it’s from his handler, to show that the dog is happy, healthy, and safe.

Recent pics and video of handsome Hercules – star of a not-so-feel-good outtake from the ill-fated A Dog’s Purpose movie – have been circulating in a bid to prove not only that “he lives,” but that he is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted pooch.

Brief clips dated January 19 and released by the filmmakers show the handsome German Shepherd dog running around a field, playing with a ball and looking to be in good spirits.

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In a serious PR bid to salvage the reputation of the movie that is based on the book by W. Bruce Cameron and tells the story of a dog’s journey to find the meaning of his own life through the lives of humans, Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment point out they don’t want anything to overshadow what they consider to be a very special film.

[Source: People.com]

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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