Ice-T and Coco’s Beloved Bulldog Passes Away After Surgery

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Spartacus, beloved Bulldog of Ice-T and Coco Austin, passed away from complications after knee surgery, and the stars are heartbroken over the loss.

Pet Parents.

They’re a real thing, and there’s no denying that pets are parts of our family when they come into our lives. For many, pets come before children in life’s order, and are treated in similar fashion. There’s a very good reason the term, ‘Fur-Baby’ exists.

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Well-known animal lovers and advocates Ice-T and wife Coco Austin were shocked Sunday when their ‘first baby’ Spartacus died after surgery complications. Spartacus was six-years-old and famous in his own right as he shared various social media accounts with his ‘son’ Maximus. Maximus is the other bulldog the famous couple share, and together, Spartacus and Maximus loved all over Chanel, the couple’s baby daughter.

Ice-T posted on social media that his best friend died, and wife Coco said that she was shocked and heartbroken. She said there’d never be another dog like Spartacus, and called Spartacus her ‘First Baby.’ The couple battled infertility for many years, and though they have one-year-old Chanel, Spartacus and Maximus helped the couple pour their parental love out while they tried to get pregnant.

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Spartacus had knee cancer, and died from complications of surgery to remove the cancer. Just days before, Spartacus and Maximus shared a Thanksgiving picture of them with their daddy, and even baby Chanel posted on ‘her’ Instagram account that though her time with Spartacus was brief, he was a cuddler and a lover and worth every minute she had with him.

We are sending our condolences to their family as they mourn the loss of their very special, furry family member.

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