Kids Invited to Enter TurfMutt’s “Be a Backyard Superhero” Conte

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Schoolyards are an important place for kids to blow off steam – just like dogs need backyards to run around in. And students can win $5,000 to improve their green spaces.

TurfMutt spokes-pooch and rescue dog “Lucky” is at it again, spreading the woof about environmental stewardship to millions of kids from Kindergarten through Grade 5 and educating families and pet parents about how they can create environmentally responsible living landscapes.

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This time, Lucky and his pooch-pop Kurt Kiser (President and CEO of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute and its Education and Research Foundation) are once again announcing their annual “Be a Backyard Superhero” contest that will see two schools selected to receive $5,000 grants to help improve their green spaces and provide new in-classroom materials that include the digital storybook entitled “The West Coast Mission,” an online climate change game and lesson plans.

As Kiser points out, “With drought ransacking the West and many other parts of the country, understanding how to care for green spaces is more important than ever. The new digital storybook and climate change game help children understand the importance of taking care of these living landscapes and what they contribute to our communities.”

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The kids learn the ropes by following the actions of a cartoon version of Lucky who acts as a superhero fighting environmental villains with the help of “The Outdoor Powers,” a band of cartoon superheroes.

In their essay submissions, the students are asked to create an original picture using the character cut-outs downloaded by their parent or teacher and to write a story about how he/she became a Backyard Superhero by combating the environmental villains Carbon Creep, Dust Demon, Dr. Runoff and Heat Freak, thereby saving living landscapes everywhere. Rules and entry information for mini-superheroes are available at and the contest is open to students at schools with Grades K-5 with an April 6, 2016 deadline.

Since 2009, the TurfMutt environmental education program, funded and managed by OPEI’s Research and Education Foundation, has reached 62 million students, teachers and families. Get your essay in today and beautify your green spaces for dogs and kids!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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