New Google Feature Turns Pet Photos Into Movies

Did you know, Google have added a secret feature that finds your pet photos and makes them into a clip called “Doggie Movie”?

Those clever people at Google know that we all LOVE pet videos and so they’ve started to make them, from OUR pet photos! Awesome!

If you’ve got pets, then there’s a pretty high chance that your phone and computer will be packed full of photos of them. Sleeping, eating, just being totally cute. Google can now detect your pet photos and automatically turn them into a video. You even get music added in the form of the The Blue Danube with added barking dogs or meowing cats – hilarious!

Now Google haven’t even officially announced this Doggie Movie feature, so at the time of writing we don’t know if it will eventually be available to everyone. Some people have it for sure, so maybe they are still in the testing phase and will eventually roll it out for all Google Photos users. Keep checking your account, you might just find a Doggie Movie video there waiting for you!

While this feature is a bit of fun, there’s some impressive technology behind it. It can examine your photos and work out exactly what the photo is of! There could be many other great uses for this in the future. Creating music videos from your concert photos or sports videos from your images. Google are always innovating and it’s nice to see they’re doing something for us pet lovers!

[Source: Android Authority ]

Emily Hutchinson
Emily Hutchinson

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